2 week referral for abnormal looking cervix

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Hi im not sure if anyonw will read this,but im juat after some advise,ive just been to see my doctor,due to me having some bleeding after sex,its happend twice but other then that ive had no issues.
The doctor has examined me and said my
cervix looks abnormal and a strange shape,she said it doesn’t feel smooth like it should,she has referred me on a 2 week referral as she is concerned its cancer,im in shock at the minute as all my smears have been fine last one was last year,im scared now as im not sure what to expect and im worried it is cancer and how far advanced it could be,has anybody been told that their cervix looks strange and feels abnormal? Thanks Gina

Hey sorry to hear you are going through this. I was referred on the two week from my smear (visual changes at the time of smear) in Nov. I s**t myself and it took four weeks to get to colposcopy as my gp messed up the referral 3 times :see_no_evil:I got there and it was all fine, I had ectropian and nabothian cysts, all normal changes (it was the cysts that made my cervix look abnormal) I had two biopsies to confirm the ectropion and it was treated with silver nitrate. In hindsight I should have looked at it as they were just being careful and if it was anything untoward it would have been caught early. Let us know how you get on x

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Hi thank you so much for replying back to me,wow sounds like you went through quite a worrying time,especially with them messing your referral about,im so pleased to hear that yours had a great outcome,hearing your story calms me down,and gives me hope that mine too will have a good outcome,i will keep you posted once my appointment comes through,honestly i just want to say inreally appreciate your response as it helps to hear other peoples experiences. Xx


Hi, I’m sorry to hear that you’re going through this.
I went to my gp Wednesday because I have been having period pains a lot, more frequent periods, change of odour, uncomfortable sex, and blood in my urine with no infection.

I expected them to fob me off and send me for a routine smear in a few weeks/months.

The gp did an internal exam and could see growths/ cells on my cervix and then after with an exam with her fingers she could feel a mass behind my cervix. She’s put me for the 2 week referral so I should have a scan, biopsy and bloods within 2 weeks.

I had pre cancerous high grade cells in my early 20s and then regular smears for years after which were all normal but my last smear was in 2019, worried now how long these whatever they are have been there!

These two weeks are going to be so long. It’s nice to keep in touch with someone else going through it. Xx

Hi,im sorry to hear that your going through this aswell,the waiting game is just horrible as i want to know one way or another so that things can be dealt with,i hope and pray for you that yours turns out ok,keep me posted on things,hear when you need someone to talk to xx

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Same to you xx

Just keeping you posted on things,so ive had an appointment made on my nhs app for me to have a phone call with a nurse tomorrow to disscuss my symptoms and to determine if i need to see anyone,im slightly shocked if im honest as my doctor put me through as a 2 week urgent referral due to lesions on the cervix,but ive now goto to have a phonecall for them to agree if its serious or not,how on earth they can decide that from a phonecall when my doctor has already put all my symptoms and that she is very concerned,im worried now that they are just going to fob me off and not send me to looked at,so frustrated x

Just advocate for yourself. Push to be physically seen as I don’t think a phonecall is good enough. Good luck x


Thank you hun,i definitely will make sure they listen to me and arrange an appointment for me to be seen in person,i will let you know how it goes tomorrow after the call,thank you for your support xx

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Just to keep you updated,i had the phonecall yesterday,the nurse decided i needed to be seen in person,which im glad she made that decision,the problem is she said i could be waiting 3 weeks or more for an appointment even though its urgent,i dont want to wait that long so im looking into my going private,does anyone have any idea how much it would cost to have a Colposcopy and possible biopsy done privately?im hoping my nhs appointment comes through quicker but i dont want to risk waiting. Xx

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Well put it this way. I’ve had CIN3 twice and now have a growth on my cervix that the GP thinks is just a polyp but because of my history of severely abnormal cells she wanted me on the two week pathway. Hospital have said urgent cases are being seen in 56 WEEKS. I’m going privately at my local colposcopy £2000. Polypectomy £2000. They do finance thank God

Oh my gosh im so sorry to hear that you have been told 55 weeks to be seen thats absolutely discusting,ive contacted a private hopsital and im booked in on the 11th they have quoted me £381 for a Colposcopy and then if i have to have a biopsy its £1178.
Ive just rung the nhs hospital and they said they aim to get me seen by the 8th but no guarantee,so i will keep my appointment with the private one for now.
I hope all goes well for you xx

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I meant 56 weeks sorry xx

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Hiya I think you might have the price the wrong way round. I went private and the colposcopy was £1200 and the biopsy was £500. It’s the colposcopy that’s usually the most expensive part I think :thinking: Also £220 for the consultation so just check it’s right so there’s no surprises when you get there. Mine was with circle health group xx

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Oh my gosh thanks for letting me know,ive doubled checked and thats what they are quoting me,its with hospital,so lets hope they dont surprise me when i get there xx

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That really good then. I will look into going there if I need another one. Take care xx

I’m glad they’ve decided to see you in person, hopefully you get an appointment before your private one. Keep us updated

Thank you,im really anxious now as ive had some spotting and stomach pains,ive done nothing to bring on the spotting so im obviously stessing even more now,fingwrs crossed the nhs one comes through sooner xx

So my nhs appointment has come through for nwxt Wednesday which is great,but ive realised there is a chnace ill be on my period,the hospital have still saod to go,has anyone had a Colposcopy done while on there period? Xx

Well my appointment is tomorrow afternoon,and as i predicted im coming on my period so god knows what will happen now,im hoping ill only be light and that they will still do the Colposcopy,wish me luck,and sending my love to all of you ladies going through this too xx