Hello....I'm worried but not sure what the problem is


I had a smear last week and the nurse seemed concerned that there was blood in my cervix. She told me to go to the doctor for them to look and not wait for the results of the smear to come back. This made me panic a bit as it seemed unusual!

I went to the doc today and had a swab and something else in a tube...don't think it was another smear. She didn't think I had the thing where the cells grow outside of the cervix. But she said she would probably refer my to a specialist.

So I am freaking out mostly because I couldn't get an idea from the doc what they were concerned about and what they were looking for..other than seeing if I had a local infection that was causing a problem.

The only problem I have had is bleeding after sex but I don't have much of that activity anymore so not really a problem for me now.

Bit scared and Googling a lot :-(

Does anyone know what they might be looking for?

Thank you! I don't think my Googling is helping me very much :-/

Best wishes,