Abnormal but non-malignant? Trying to work this out.

Hi All,

My first post here and never thought I would be posting on any forums regarding cervical cancer!

Anyway, I was having symptoms (eg abnormal bleeding among others) plus pap smear came back with low grade abnormality. So I had a colposcopy a week ago and the Dr commented that he could visibly see my cervix was abnormal. He took two biopsies. I wasnt to anxious at first but as the week progressed on my mind went into over drive of course. Plus knowing the other symptoms I was having made me more anxious. 

So I called the Drs office today to see if there are any results. The Receptionist said they had just come in this morning. She said if there was big concerns with the results that someone would call me immediately. The Dr and and nurse are both not in until Monday. She said she cant really give me a results but she could say that the results were abnormal and she was all hesitant and careful with what she said (which I can understand as its not her job to give results, she was just trying to give me some ideas) but she did mention that the results said non-malignant. This sounds like good and bad news to me. Non-malignant sounds positive! but abnormal doesnt sound like a great alternative either. I asked if because its come back with abnormalities does this mean I need a treatment plan and she said yes but to wait until Monday until the nurse calls. So I have abnormalities in my cervix yet not non-malignant. Not even sure what it means other than what I have heard is that non-malignant means it isnt spreading to other areas of body?

I dont really know what I am asking! Just wondering if anyone had similar feedback. I know I need to just be patient and wait until Monday. But cant help asking!