New here - biopsy taken today

Hi there,

I had my routine smear in Jan. The nurse said I had a large erosion then the results came back as abnormal (severe changes) so had an appointment at the colposcopy clinic today,.

The Dr said she didn't want to treat me there, as she couldn't work out what was going on, but took 3 biopsies and told me it looked concerning, and results will be back in a week.

I know there's nothing I can do until I know the results, but I don't know what to think. My mind is a mess.

I couldn't think of any questions in the clinic. Now all I want to know is 'does this mean cancer'? Obviously no one knows until the results are out but if anyone has any hints on getting through the next 7 days without mentally imploding please share.

The info on here about the colposcopy procedure itself was so helpful, thank you all.



Hi there

I’m sorry to hear the position your in. At least your in the system and they are taking it seriously though.

I had a similar situation. I had my colposcopy on 21st December and the doctor was concerned at what she thought were high grade severe changes. I was told my results would be a week just like you. I’ve finally just had my letter through the door today (nearly 6 weeks later!) but I’ve made a few phone calls to them inbetween. My results have been to the MDT as they came back as inflammation and hormone related changes only. Completely different to what the doctor thought she saw.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, I know the waiting is really hard and it’s difficult not to worry, but changes can be related to less serious things like the inflammation I have. Even if your results are CIN 3, these are pre-cancerous changes which may develop into cancer in many years. They do the treatment to prevent this from happening. My doctor didn’t do LLETZ treatment at colposcopy as she said she didn’t want to over treat me (even though she thought they were severe).

Best of luck with your results. Keep yourself busy and make sure you try not to google! It’s dangerous sometimes. If you have any questions feel free to ask, the support on here is fantastic!

Keep us posted
Sarah xx

Thanks so much Sarah,


Going to distract myself as much as I can and i'll let you know how it goes.




So sorry you had to find us, and I know how horrible the waiting is. But you are in good hands and well done you for going to the smear in the first place!

It will seem slow but the days will go by. Fingers crossed its ok news


Oh the waiting how I found that the most difficult part, it is so easy for your mind to run away.  I can throughly recommend having treats things to look forward to each day/week whether it's a haircut, facial, buying a magazine or some nice smellies/chocolates.  I have found the forum so helpful and I am so grateful for my nurse recommending it at the very first appointment. Do let us know how you get on x

Ok so the waiting is still killing me! I have avoided google so far but decided to look at images of a healthy cervix. Mine was so far from that, it looked very angry on the screen,

Worry worry worry is all I can do. I think the consultant's words of 'I'm not sure what's going on here', 'I am concerned' are just playing on me too much. I appreciate her honesty but arrgghh!

A friend who had pre-cancer found in a biopsy was called the very next day for urgent treatment, not sure whether to rest easily knowing I haven't been called. I guess it will depend on the NHS Trust you are in?

Last night I bled so heavily I soaked through a pad to the sofa in 20 mins and had clots like bits of liver coming out. I think it's just my period but it really scared me. Has anyone else had a period a couple of days after 3 biopsies and ended up in a mess like that?



Hiya I had quite bad bleeding after colposcopy. The waiting is hell I know what you feel like love as many ladies on here do. I’m quite new to all this too but everyone on here is lovely & it really helps to hear from other ladies. Thinking of you…stay strong xxx

Hiya I had quite bad bleeding after colposcopy. The waiting is hell I know what you feel like love as many ladies on here do. I'm quite new to all this too but everyone on here is lovely & it really helps to hear from other ladies. Thinking of you....stay strong xxx

Thank you, I guess I'm very impatient! I#ll know one way or the other on Thursday then who knows where my path will take me. So glad I found this site and avoided all the daily mail style forums!

I hope you're doing ok and best of luck with your treatment.



I will find out at 09:40 my results tomorrow, they have rushed them through in a week and I am terrified, I've been shaking all day since I called to confirm they'd come through. Hope to post something good and give some hi 5's tomorrow!


Good luck! Thinking of you x x x