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Im sorry if I dont make much sense writing this, but im in a bad way and just need some advice :(

I had my normal smear done in January, and the results come back as severe dyskayosis, so an appointment was made for me at my local hospital for 3 weeks ago, I had the colposcopy done and LLETZ the same day, I also had a biopsy taken, I was told the results would be back in 5 weeks and I would recieve the results by post.


Any way today (3 weeks later) I recieve a letter saying an appointment has been made for me to see a different specialist at a different hospital for wednesday 4th June. It says a colopscopy can not be undertaken if I have a period and to reschedule the appointment. It mentions nothing of results! I phoned up my local hospital and they said they may wish to discuss the results with me and thats why I have been sent a letter!

Surely this must mean something bad is wrong as I have to go back and discuss my results :( I cant stop crying, I have a 6 year old Son and im just so frightened they will say something bad. Why havent they said its to discuss my results in the letter? I feel sick with worry and no one at the hospital is giving me any answers, just telling me its "probably to discuss my results".

I also had a letter yesterday that was sent to my doctors saying "Colposcopy today was satisfactory, the whole of the the transformation zone was visible. There were some areas of punctation with acetowhite changes of high grade density were seen and therefore after local instillation of Lignocaine with adrenaline, the high grade lesion was removed with some problems with stopping bleeding"...............what does all this mean :( I thought it sounded positive and that it had been removed..


Im petrified of the results, I just dont know what to expect, but im expecting the worse :,(


Thank you for reading this


Jodie x




Hi, firstly try to calm down, I know it's hard when you don't know what to expect or what is going on.


I wonder if they maybe didn't have clear margins on the LLETZ and they therefore need to repeat it, as that would make sense with the not attending if you are on your period? 

Thank you for replying so quickly, im trying so hard not to panic, but sending me a letter with no explanation of why I have to go back is really scary, surely they must know how stressful this all is....

What do you mean by clear margins? 

I dont know why I have to go 25 miles away to a different hospital, thats whats scaring me! I asked the lady on the phone and she said thats where the specialist is based (a different specialist to the one I saw 3 weeks ago)

Its all such a worry


I hope you are ok, I see your waiting results too xx

Yeah im not going to lie I panicked myself after being told I would be asked back in 6months and then to get a letter telling me I had an appointment the next day after 4weeks was scary. Clear margins I mean like the edge of the bit they removed might have had some of the severe changes so they were not "clear margins" and then they redo it to make sure its all gone. Thats just an option I thought though. Xx

The waiting game is the worse part....letters not making sense, its just hoping if it was cc, they would phone me and get me in straight away rather than giving me an appointment one week later by letter! I did bleed heavy during my LLETZ procedure so maybe it made it difficult to remove it all.....

im trying so hard to think positive rather than negative! I just wish I had some sort of results come through instead of going to the appointment not knowing anything!

My sister had this procedure done last year, LLETZ, and recieved a letter with the results, so thats why im bloody at my wits end!

The letter says if I cant make the appointment to phone and cancel and make another one, surely if it was really bad they would say you MUST come to the appointment!!!

I guess I wont know anything until Wednesday, just hoping some ladies will come along and say "ahhh that happened to me"

This site is a saviour 

Jodie x

This site is amazing. I will have my fingers crossed for u, please let us know what happens. I'm worried about my sisters, I have 3 all younger than me so not in the screening programme yet. But no idea if any family connections or not.x

Your right, just talking to people about this helps alot.....I can imagine how you feel about your sisters, my younger sister had her first smear and it come back abnormal and she had to have a LLETZ done, thank goodness she has the all clear now 

Its all a horrible worry :( xx

Ok, well just been to see my GP, to prepare me for tomorrow, they did have the results at the surgery all this time but werent allowed to tell me, WTF!!!  the biopsy showed that it was stage 1a1 cancer, they are hoping it has all been removed but I need another colposcopy to make sure, they will most probably perform another LLETZ too, if its not all been removed, then a simple hysterectomy may be offered.....he couldnt say too much as he said its not his field, he said try and remain positive and that they have noted that the area had been removed....


OMG im just in shock, not sure how to feel!! He said stage 1a1 is the earliest form xx

Aww hun, I know exactly how you feel I was in the same position as you at the beginning of May. My consultant is saying similar things to yours with regards to treatment, but I'm sure they will discuss this more thoroughly with you tommorow. It's a massive shock and some days are difficult whilst others I feel 'normal'. We will be going through things on a similar time span as I have my next appointment to discuss treatmemt following my MRI on thurs.


Massive hugs to you!! X 

Thank you for your reply MAP, im sorry your going through this horrible time too!!! Whats the MRI scan for?? Is that to see if its spread? As I thought being diagnosed with cc 1A1 meant it hadnt hoping they managed to get rid of it all at my last LLETZ but im sure that would have been in my notes if it had all been taken away

Hugs to you too xxx

Yeah my doctor just said he doesnt think it will have spread as it's so small at this stage but he wanted one done just to be sure, the wait after that has been horrendous! They also said to me they hope it's all been removed but they need to repeat just to be sure which is understandable. I've been reading a lot of other people's stories o  here to prepare myself for whatever they might say. I too have a little one, hes 5, but I"m terrified that hes going to be left without a mum, which is probably stupid given the stage 1 diagnosis. Mica xx

Im the same, I have a 6 year old Son and keep thinking the worse too!!! Its just the horrible c word!!! I dont think there is a single person in the world who wouldnt be scared knowing they had it, no matter what stage it is!!! You just dont think it will ever happen to you do you :(....I just cant wait for tomorrow to be here so I know what im dealing with...its the waiting that makes me ill xxxx

Ok, where do I start!!!! The good news is I went for my smear when I did! If I had left it longer than it would maybe be a different story:(

I do/did have VERY very early stages of cervical cancer (0.4mm), they are pretty confident that it has been removed by my last LLETZ procedure, but I do need another procedure (LLETZ) done to make sure it hasnt gone up any further as my biopsy result showed GCIN (what is this), the consultant is confident its not gone further but he has to make definite sure. He didnt perform the LLETZ today as it was only 4 weeks ago since my last and as I bled a lot he said it would be safer to do it in 2 - 3 weeks time (4th July).

He said that it will most likely come back clear but they will keep an eye on me, he said if it doesnt come back clear, then a possible simple hysterectomy will be offered, instead of a total hysterectomy! He then went on to say if they do still come back clear I will still be given the option of a hysterectomy if I have finished with my family!! I have one 6 year old Son who is AMAZING, my husband and I lost two babies to miscarriage before our son and have always seen him as our miracle...

We have said we probably wouldnt have anymore children but its the fact if I chose to have a hysterectomy then I will never have a"choice", on the other hand I wouldnt want the cancer to come back and something happen to me and I leave my Son without a 33 and my husband is 37.....I think I need to put my health first and rid this horrible disease from coming back as I would be at a higher risk of it coming back....the consultant was brilliant, he also said its a lot to take on board but in all honesty if I were his wife he would say to have the hysterectomy even if the results come back clear!!! 

All in all I think it was a good result??? Not too sure, I feel as if a big weight has been lifted but I know im not out of the woods yet as this GCIN showed up!! Im trying to stay positive though, but at least I know the next steps....

Im just confused about what to do!!! I thibk health is way more important, and I kind of did get the idea of having another baby out of my head, as my husband didnt really want another one and I was scared of going through miscarriage again.....God its all so confusing and such a worry

Thanks for caring, and I hope this all makes sense....he did explain GCIN to me but my heads in a muddle right now, and im still not sure what it meant and if its bad :(

Jodie xx

Sorry CGIN not GCIN

Hi I'm in exactly the same position as you, I had my second Lletz and cone biopsy on the 27th may after the first one came back 1a1 cancer with CGIN, still waiting for the results which is really doing my head in. 

Like you it's been mentioned about the possibility of having a hysterectomy, I've already got 2 wonderful kids so no issues there but it's such a big decision to make, feeling like I'm on a rollercoaster that I can never get off! 

It really helps knowing we aren't alone in this, friends and family have been brilliant but they don't really know what we are going through, only you ladies on here can truly do that.

Keep us posted on how you get on.




Hi Sarah, wow we really are in the same position! I still have to wait for my second LLETZ to be done as its only been four weeks since my last and I bled alot :( the waiting makes you feel ill doesnt it!! Even if it did come back as more cnacer with CGIN we still have a good outcome dont we!! I couldnt really take it all in what he was saying, I didnt feel like it was me sitting there!! 

I feel really REALLY happy that yesterday wasnt AS BAD as I thought it would be, I know the options now, but its such a huge decision, I dont ever want to go through this again but also its the fact "wow I can never have children"...I do believe our health is way more important though, especially as we are already Mummys :)


I am up and down like you as well, most the time im fine now, my normal self, just tidied the house listening to music and then BAM out of nowhere I break down!!! 

Like you say at least we have each other, my husband and family are being brilliant, but sometimes its noce to escape it all and speak to people like yourselves :)

Good luck :) xxxxxxx