Nervous after colposcopy

Hi all, new member.

I had a colpscopy this week following a smear test. The procedure itself went fine and I had two biopsies, but I heard the doctor tell a colleague she'd spotted something "abnormal".

I asked the doctor about what she'd said afterwards, and she said she wasn't overly worried about it.

I've been told it may be 3-4 weeks before I get my results. I'm really trying not to stress out, but I'm paranoid that it will turn out to be something really serious. But the fact they don't seem to be rushing things is a good sign, right?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

It's scary of course it is - but this is part of a screening process designed to find and catch any abnormality to prevent cancer, so you're in the right place. There's all kinds of reasons why they might find something - and this process is all about checking it out and catching it before it's serious. If she's not overly worried, it means she thinks it's very manageable and treatable. There's a lot of "abnormal" that's not cancer so fingers crossed it's all okay.

I'm the last person to tell you to try not to worry because I've been climbing the walls for the last week. I had a "high grade" HPV infection and "abnormal cells" in my smear, and got an "urgent" appointment for a colposcopy and LLETZ biopsy so my imagination went into overdrive and I was terrified. But in the end the consultant said the affected area was "tiny" - so tiny it was hard to find! He thinks he got all the affected tissue, and says if the biopsy does come back having found cancer cells he's "optimistic". So I'm feeling so much better. So it can turn out good! I hope your biopsy comes back with good news for you - but don't be worried alone! I've found the support here so fantastic - you're not alone xxx

I had a colposcopy and biopsy yesterday and they didn't give much info. I asked if it looked normal and they said no but not the worst it could look. The consultant said she's guessing it's CIN2 or 3. I've now been online looking at the various treatments and worrying myself to death about the LEEP procedure. It sounds horrible. Trying not to stress out. I was told two weeks for biopsy result to come back. 

Do try not to worry too much- if it helps at all- when I had my colposcopy I was pretty much diagnosed there and then, and my biopsy was rushed through in just 3 days. 
if they were really concerned, I do think they tend to be quite honest (with my experience anyway!) 

Mine did turn out to be cancer, and I am having my surgery in just under 2 weeks time. 

This forum had been my saviour!! There are so many women here happy to help :) 

I am sure you will be fine- 

Charlotte x

New to this forum. I had colposcopy this week and was told high grade HPV with CIN3. They did biopsy too. Scary thoughts have gone through my head but I guess this is why we have smears to catch anything before it becomes cancer or if it is cancer, in it's early stages when it's much easier to treat. I feel very lucky to have access to such good medical care. I hope you are ok xxx

Charlotte good luck - I hope it all turns out well for you xxx