New here and really need some reassurance

Hey all this is the first time here so bare with me lol and i appolagise for the long read! 

so im going to keep it as brief as i can but as informative as i can lol. 

from the begining, 

for about 6 weeks i have been having various issues, really bad lower abdominal pain on the right hand side near my pelvis and back pain on the same side, drs put it down to maybe a burst cyst as i had one on the same side back in 2015. after they rules out appendicitis.  

i wake up with the pain in a morning and its on and off through out the day up until recently where its been a bit more constant.

i went back to the gp because i felt it was happening when i ate or drank, i am using the toilet loads, and im lucky to go once everyday usualy, they tested me for ceoliac disease and chrons disease all normal. they are going to look into ibs when i go back on 27th oct. 

also to accompany this i keep bleeding abmormally .. and after sitting and thinking about it, its always after sex, not always straight after sometimes the morning after. through all of it i have this pain still goiing on. i also have had a few occasions of umcomfortable sex.

i had my smear and also some swabs on oct 10th, swabs all clear. today just 9 days after smear, i got my letter with result of borderline abnormal cells with hpv positive. the next letter i opened was an hospital letter with an app for next wed 25th just 15 days after my smear for a colposcopy and biopsy. thats pretty much all i i know.


so what i am asking is ...

is my gp looking in the wrong direction with the ibs etc could all of this be related to the smear results? 

i must add my smear is over a year late due to pregnancy. 

i am so worried about whats going to happen when i go and how quick i am booked in, csn anyone give any advise, i dont understand all the lingo so if you could kindly explain lol.

i have 3 children 9years 4 years and 3 months i am 31. 

what are the chamces of it actually being csncer as anyone ever had a smear with this result and been absoutely fine? 


also must add before i forget i have lost a lot of weight out of no where.. i have littel appetite, i am soooo exhausted its unreal, i also have some vaginal discharge. 

sorry for all the rambling.  just so cconfused and worried.


please helpppp xxxx


So i had a call from the gp today (requested) to answer some questions etc. 

he told me some of what iv been experiencing will deffo be connected... he then went on to look at my results for me, after about 5 minutes he came back and said 

"right what exactly do you want to know?" i asked how worried i should be  .. he went on to say that from whats infront of him on his screen, its very very early stages of cancer, stage 1, told me to make sure i deffo go next week and if offered trestment there and then to take it. said he wouldnt lose sleep over it as they have caught it early and sucess rates are extremely high, followed with this is why your being seen so fast so they can make sure it hasnt progressed etc and decide the best treatmemt. 

im glad i know but now head is all over the place, dont lose sleep over it? easier said than done, anyone shed any light? 


Hi Emma

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis it must be hard to digest however it is good that they seem to be acting so quickly. Also it is good that they think it's early.

I'm afraid I lack experience and knowledge with what's ahead as I'm currently in limbo waiting for my results on Tuesday, I will know then whether or not I have cancer. 

I have experienced very similar symptoms to You, especially the exhaustion. I find that toughest as I too have young children to run around after. I have been trying to keep busy by doing big jobs in the house like organising and cleaning. Just try your best to focus on something. Easier said than done I know.

Hope your next appointment goes ok xx

I'm very confused...

Boderline changes and hpv does NOT mean you have cancer... It's precancer! Or dysplasia. It would have to be the consultant that would give you the diagnosis of cancer... Only after further testing ie colposcopy, biopsy and scans if needed.....

Id speak to gp again X 

The Gp said that with the full results thats on the system... bordeline means that the changes in the cells are recent/just happening... but from what the report says and numbers etc. in his words "its the very very early stages of cancer, stage 1" The smear can only say so much and this is why they want a closer look, along side with the hpv and everything else i have going on bla bla bla . . i obviously dont know what the report says infront of him nor anything else for that matter i can only go on what i am being told, i think i am going to wait it out till weds because regardless now of what any other gp says etc ill still be second guessing it all, i did say what you have mentioned because obviously i have read the leaflets enclosed back to back. the leaflets are guide lines of a 'typical' scenario, maybe theres something shown that hasnt been mentioned as maybe they aint 100 percent sure i dont know but he did seem quite concerned and certain on the info he was giving me, i would be quite shocked if he was wrong but then again i dont know for certain as i was under the same impression as yourself hun. i guess ill explain on weds to the specialists and see what their response is, if its not cancer brilliant!! but i will then be putting in a complaint to the gps for false info because its not something they should be guessing at. thank you for your reply xx 

aww thank you, and sorry that your going through this yourself. what happened for you to be waiting on results? if you dont mind me asking, be helpful to hear others exoeriences etc as it gives a bit of knowledge and hope  what did the specialists say to you? what was your smear outcome etc .. fingers crossed for your results to be clear. how long have you been waiting xx

They would have sent a letter saying that your results need to be discussed with you with a consultant if it was cancer. They would have also told you to bring someone with you as that's protocol with cancer diagnosis.

i honestly think you're gp is wrong. He wouldn't have any different results than you. 

sorry to be blunt, but I think this is causing you anxiety when you haven't even seen the specialist. I'd phone and ask to speak to a different GP at your surgery x

ohhh god knows i am sooo confused by it all Undecided 

i was certainly under the same impression as you tbh. roll on weds thats all i can say. i will try request another call back on monday but i do know thats their busiest day so im not overly hopeful as they only do them in a morn, i have hospital appointments early tues and then in afternoon at a diff hosp at the other side of town from the first argh!! lol so im really busy that day, then be weds and ill be seeing the specialist.. think im going to try forget the phonecall and go on the leaflets & your advise.. although ill probably still drive myself potty lol xx 

So my story is a bit long winded! 

I had a baby in December last year with a very traumatic birth. I was due a smear but kept putting it off because I was so traumatised. I started to notice things were "off" as my discharge seemed to be different (sorry tmi) also I had some random bleeding which I assumed was my cycle getting back to normal after birth.

My sister had an abnormal smear in July and had CIN2 she was fortunate that the consultants weren't concerned with the cells and she hasn't needed treatment. 

This scared me a lot so I plucked up the courage at end of August to get the smear done. I had a phone call from the doctor not long after saying that I needed an urgent colposcopy appt. To check if I had cervical cancer. I had to wait until 28th Sept for it as I was on holiday. 

When the appt. Came I was quite optimistic that I would be ok but when I spoke to the consultant she was very straight to the point and said I needed treatment right away the LLETZ one. She said my cells were very high grade and needed removing asap.

After the treatment she sat me down and said worst case scenario was that I had early cervical cancer. She booked an appt. For me to have the results for 3 weeks time (which is on Tuesday)

I'm not optimistic because I feel like there are things wrong with my body. I like you get so exhausted even my legs get tired it's so strange and not normal for me. I am dreading the appointment. I am now planning what I will do if I get treatment for cancer as all my family live in Wales so we will have to move abruptly so we can get help with childcare. Hoping it won't come to that but have to get prepared and be ready for worst.



That sounds like a plan. Stay positive x

aww no bless you, my smear was a year late due to pregnancy, when i have seen the gp about bleeding etc they said the same as you body getting back to normal after pregnancy etc. however today they seem to think its more than likely related. 

i am so tired could sleep for a month of sundays, and its nothing to do with new baby as hes been sleeping 7 while 7 for a good month now. 

i will be thinking of you on tues, and will look back for an update.. i really hope all goes well for you and if you do need sny treatment i hope its not so bad that you have to upsticks and move.. would you have to go in tp discuss results regardless then? 

i dont understand half of whats what i really dont lol xx 


Emma xx 

Thank you xx 

Yeah I think my irregular bleeding could be related too. I have also lost half a stone in 3 weeks which is also strange as I haven't been trying to. My appetite is not great but I guess that's down to worrying.

It's lovely when they start sleeping though I'm lucky that mine do too. I have a 9 month old and a 2 year old.

Thank you that's really kind of you. I guess this is why I'm so worried because I know that they prefer to send results usually to people by post but she automatically booked an appointment within 3 weeks. I feel like she knew something wasn't right but didn't want to cause panic until we had the results.

I'm like you and have been so confused with the situation and in shock. It's come from nowhere whith a lot of medical terms thrown at you. 

What day was your colposcopy? 



I have it on wed 25th, this is why its so confusing with the gps saying what they have makes me feel like the smear showed more than iv been told, i just dont know tbh. 

i have lost loads of weight too out of no where.

ive been tested for ceoliac disease and chrons and now they was about to look at ibs but i think thats now on hold until know whats wat.

i just know who or what im supposed to beleive/listen to.. its the waitong about and not knowing whats wat.. i just hope that they will just tell me how it is and be straight with me on weds before i go insane.

letter says one thing gp says another :/ xx