waiting game

hi all, really sorry but this is going to be bit of a story. lol. i have been back and too to gp pretty much since having my son in 2011, having abdominal pains. and they just kept putting it down to ibs. i have had ibs a few years before having a baby and although it did get worse i knew this wasnt the cause of the pain. anyway after constant back and too and feeling fobbed off i booked myself in for a smear test. ( this hadnt been ofered to me as im 24, not 25 till march).


so went had smear test and put it to the back of my mind. then 2weeks later result came an it had abnormal changes. they thought low grade and needed colposcopy and hpv virus present. had to wait at least aanother 4weeks for that appointment. they were lovely though and showed me the changes and took a punch biopsy while she was there.


Another 2weeks wait for results and they have said it isnt low grade CIN1 like they thought it is high grade at least CIN2 maybe CIN3. So i now have to go for loop excision. but appoinment came through and it isnt till early feb. just under 2months! wait is killing me. they are going to remove all abnormal cells and test them. i think everything will be fine once its gone but there is definately a part of me that is worried because if i hadnt have took it upon myself to get tests i would still be none the wiser.


thanks all i appriciate anyone who has took time to read and any feedback is good thanks.  

oh forgot to say. had abnormal bleeding between periods and also pain after sex.