New here, and here's my story!

Hey everyone!! Not sure how much detail to go into but I will be as specific as I can. First off, I never knew this kinda thing could happen to me, so I’m glad i’m aware now, and therefore will do what I can to help raise awareness!
In September 2010, I didn’t have insurance so I went to our local Health Unit and had a pap smear done. It’s free care basically. Results were abnormal so I was sent to our Charity hospital for a colpsocopy. Results came back saying I had severe dysplasia of squamous origin and of course tested positive for HVP strain 16. I was to return to have a LEEP. That was done in Nov of 2010. Hurt so bad!! Hope I never have to do that again! I then was told to return in 6 months for check up. We found out we were pregnant in March of 2011. I was barely 4 weeks and had a miscarriage. Finally got insurance and saw my regular GYN, who also delivered my son. He told me my miscarriage had nothing to do w/ the LEEP. Either way, it broke me :frowning: A little background, I have one son (13) from a previous relationship. Me and hubby have been married for 9 years and had been trying for 5 years at that time when we had the miscarriage. Well my Gyno wanted to make sure I had at least 3 normal paps before we started trying again. I had 2 normal. Then lost insurance. Was supposed to return for next pap in 2013. Didn’t get to do that again till this year.
So now we’re at present time. This year, 2015, October, went back to our Health Unit, had a pap and it came back with abnormal results, this time though, I had an AGUS result. Of course, I was terrified but I kinda expected it. Went back to the Charity hospital, had a colpo. done. Severe dysplasia once again and they wanted to do a cold-knife cone biopsy but they also needed to get an endometrial biopsy done so that they can see what’s going on w/ the glandular cells. It’s been a week since I’ve had the surgery/procedure under General Anesthesia. That was a breeze. Really no cramping except for mild ones. I also started my period 2 days after the surgery so that hasn’t made the bleeding any easier, but it’s not too bad. I go back for results on the 28th. The last thing the doctor asked me was if we wanted more children. I’m 35 years old and after all these problems, we’ve decided that we don’t. It’s just too risky. So of course, the doctor mentioned that depending on the results, it could end up being we need to do a hysterectomy. I’m heartbroken about it, but also relieved that maybe, just maybe, we could actually be done with all these abnormal results and LEEPS and colpos and what not. I"m tired of dealing with it. BUt I will continue to do what I have to do in order to take care of myself. I hope this hasn’t been too lengthy. I’m sure most won’t read, but I’m glad to be here and plan on reading and researching alot!
Nice to meet you all!!! Anyone have anything similar to what I’m going through, please feel free to share!!