New here...just wanted to share my experience

Hi all! I've been reading the forum for quite some time and I want to thank you all for sharing your stories because they've definitely brought me much comfort during this very scary time. I'm 24 and live in NYC and have not once had an abnormal Pap smear. However, I started experiencing consistent light bleeding after sex with my boyfriend -- nothing major, but enough to be alarming. My doc decided to do a pap+HPV test and although the pap was still normal, I was positive for HPV 16. Very scary considering I've only ever had one sexual partner and I received the HPV vaccination a couple weeks after we started dating. I followe up with a colposcopy (absolutely awful experience, wound up fainting) and the results came back CIN3. My doctor was shocked considering my history of normal paps. He conferred with a gynecological oncologist friend a few times and they both decided it was ultimately up to me to determine the next steps. Given my age and overall health, there's the chance my body could fight it off. I just couldn't handle the anxiety and prospect of the unknown or the idea that while waiting a couple months, it could already turn into cancer. I opted for the LEEP procedure (or LLETZ, as you guys call it in Britain :)). I had that on Thursday under GA and it was a completely fine experience...went down immediately and woke up to only minor pain which the nurse quickly remedied. So now I'm just taking it easy and waiting the 7-10 days for the pathology results. I've read that many of you have had to wait 4-6 weeks over there and I can't even imagine. The waiting is just terrible...maybe even the worst part. Anyway, just thought i'd share my experience after reading so many of yours.


Thanks for sharing and all the very best with your recovery and

the future.Sounds like you are doing fine and dandy ;-)

Take care

Becky x

Thanks so much for sharing that with us! Stories like that do everybody a power of good.

Be lucky