Need a vent, and maybe some advice :(

Hey so i just found this site and thought I'd write a post maybe looking to vent my frustrations a tad but also to seek some advice from women who have gone though similar situations...


Ever since I had an abnormal pap (low grade) June 2014, every visit to my gyno since then has seemed to carry worse news than the last.   


I had a follow up pap done Dec 2014 and results came back ASG-H. So I had a colposcopy and biopsy done in Jan 2015.   Results from that came back as severe dysplasia and I had a LEEP done Feb 11th. 


I was supposed to get results back two weeks after that procedure but it turned out my gyno wasnt at the cancer clinic that week and I was advised to call back in two weeks. I called on Friday the 13th (bad idea maybe lol) and was told my gyno had to send my leep results to a specialist in a different city and to, yep you guessed it...wait 2 more friggin weeks for the results. 


I'm frustrated at the lack of info i've been given throughout this journey and the waiting for results is cruel and excruciating to say the least. If i didnt have symptoms like vaginal disharge, pain in my pelvis and lower back and while having intercourse mayne i wouldnt be as worried. 

Why would my gyno send my leep results to a specialist??  Has anyone everexperienced getting leep results back that were worse than their biopsy!??  



Oh no your poor thing that sounds horrendous.

The waiting is the worst part. I know there's not much I can say to make you feel better in the meantime but the ladies on here have been very lovely and reassuring to me so far and I hope you can gain some comfort here too.


Hi Nester

I'm not sure if they may mean a multi disciplinary team. I once had this and was called into the hospital to discuss my results, obviously I assumed the worst. However, it was just that my biopsy did not match my smear. If there are any discrepancies they will ask for advice from others. I was given the option of more treatment or to wait and be checked again at 3 months.

I'm keeping everything crossed this is all it is for you too. (Well obviously hoping you don't need any further treatment but you know what I mean!).


Thanks for responses ladies. I had an ultrasound done today too (my request due to the ongoing symptoms mentioned in my original post) and i get those results next week too, so I am a bit more stressed out lol, hoping for good news from both the leep procedure and the ultrasound.  Ill post when i know :)  and thanks again, even a simple response to let me know someone else understands this experience makes me feel more at ease.