So scared

I went for my smear on the 25 th July and it came back severe dyskaryosis, I have been experiencing bleeding during sex and lower back pain, I was referred for a colposcopy on 17th august (it was meant to be earlier but I had a period) during the colposcopy they did the leep procedure, the nurse told me me that it was severe, I was quite distressed so didn't ask any questions and just wanted to go home, which I now regret because I dont know what that means, how long do you wait for results? I havent told anybody apart from my partner who just tells me I'm over reacting, maybe I am but I have 3 children and am so scared, I love the way you all support each other here it's lovely to see xx

Hi Shona,

I'm sorry that you are having to deal with this. It is scary and distressing however this forum is great to get things off your chest and talk to people going through similar so you came to the right place :)

Like you, my smear came back showing severe  dyskaryosis however when I went for my colposcopy the doctor just took 5 biopsies and I'm currently waiting for the results. My doctor said it's almost certain I will need treatment and under a general so I'm finding the wait very stressful!

im absolutely no expert, just a chronic forum lurker, but from what I've read it really does depends on the hospital how quickly you will get your results after leep. If I were you I would phone up the colposcopy unit you went to and ask all the questions you    can think of. I think lots of ladies forget to ask questions after getting the procedure due to feeling overwhelmed and emotional so I reckon the nurses are used to people phoning back afterwards.

It is completely understandable to feel scared. Try and look after yourself and don't be too hard on yourself either! 

Hugs and love, Jen xx

Hi, I cant find how to post on here, so am posting on a similar topic to you...being scared.

My situation is that I have no-one to turn to, to look after me, if things go wrong with this colposcopy, or I get an infection etc. Since my situation is only slightly abnormal cells (borderline changes) plus HPV, I am wondering whether not to attend the colposcopy at all.  I know this sounds silly, as our health is important, but I'm worried that it could cause more harm than good.

Any positive thoughts on how I could handle my situation would be appreciated.

Hi there Wendy,

its completely understandable to be a bit scared and you have come to the right place - this forum is wonderful :)

It's  great news that your cells are only borderline abnormal. A colposcopy should hopefully just confirm this and then you should take care to get regular smears just to check that the cells don't get any more dodgy (the technical term haha)

The colposcopy is at most uncomfortable and while it's invasive and undignified it is not painful. I did however find the proceedure surprisingly emotional so I understand being scared to go to the appointment alone. 

Your health is very important and I'd urge you to go to your appointment. If you would like someone to chat to and just vent your feelings with I'm very happy for you to private message me - you don't have to go through it alone.

Jen xx

Hi Wendyy

I'm in exactly the same boat as you, I had borderline changes and have HPV. I went for my colposcopy today, and to be honest it wasn't much worse than a smear. The colposcopist and her nurses were super nice and made me feel comfortable. She showed me my cervix. There were a couple of cells that she could see were abnormal, so she took them off and sent them for a biopsy. I will get results in max 6 weeks and won't have to go back (unless something very bad comes back from the biopsy) for a year. 


I would urge you to just go and have it taken care of, at this stage it's mild discomfort as opposed to the trauma of potential cancer and the treatment that involves. Hope that helps.

Lucy x