Waiting for colposcopy biopsy is pure agony

I went in early June for a pap where they tested me for HVP (first time for being tested for HVP) as well.  Received call from my dr 2 weeks later telling me my pap came back abnormal (LGSIL) and I tested positive for HPV16.  had colposcopy done on Monday.  Dr told me I would have results today (Wednesday).  Called first thing this morning to see if results were in, but they were not yet.  Nurse sounded surprised that I would have them back so early.  guess I won't be hearing back yet today as office is closed. 

My concern is this...  My grandma had cervical cancer in her early 20's and had a complete hysterectomy.  She also had skin cancer and died from pancreatic cancer at 76.  My sis had precancerous cells in her early 20's as well where they froze the cells off and she has not had any reoccurance since.  I am 44 And healthy.  This was my first abnormal pap, ever.  It has been 3 years since my last pap because my then husband had a vasectomy.  I left him 15 months ago and had to go back on birth control.  In 26 years, I have only gone without birth control for about 3 years, following husband's vas.  

I started smoking 15 months ago, when I left my x.  Up till then, only smoked on occasion.  Before the procedure started, I told my dr about my sis and he showed me what would be used to remove the abnormal cells, if needed.  Once he started looking at the cervix, he told me there was too much on the cervix to do the procedure he told me about earlier.  I can only imagine how much is there.  This makes me quite nervous.  

I just feel like the odds are stacked up against me at this point.  Trying to keep a positive attitude is very difficult.  I imagine the worst, but am hoping for the best possible results.  Sorry if this is difficult to read. Having a hard time putting my thoughts down right now.  

Just venting.  Thanks for listening!


Hi Jen

Just replying as you are same age as me (I am 43) and often on here there are lots of younger ladies in their 20's so I think it is nice to chat to others of the same age.

I had my first ever abnormal smear in April this year and had a colposcopy where they took biopsy to confirm the CIN a couple of weeks after.  Confirmed CIN3 and I had Lletz treatment to remove the cells a couple of weeks ago. I am now waiting for the results.

To reassure you I think it is normal not to treat always on the first colposcopy visit - Dr was intending to see and treat me first tim and didn't do that either so don't worry too much about that.  Having a larger area doesn't mean its anything more horrible as its the depth of the abnormalities that indicate the severity.  Have they given you a CIN grade yet or is this what you are currently waiting for?

I am not nervously waiting for the results of my Lletz and I won't lie to you, the waiting is the worst bit by far as your mind goes everywhere.  Please don't worry about Lletz if you need to have it - I found it pretty much painless and healing has been good so far.

In terms of results, not sure where you live, I am in West Sussex and told up to 4 weeks wait.  My first biopsy took 2 weeks but I am over 2 weeks after Lletz and still waiting.

Take care


Thank you for your response Kay!  It does help knowing you are my age.  I have noticed there are quite a few who are a lot younger on here.  I fear with being older, that it could be cancerous.  Especially with my family history.  

When I made the appointment for my colposcopy, the only thing I was told was if he saw something, he would biopsy it.  Nothing else has been mentioned as far as additional treatment, other than telling me what COULD end up happening depending on the results.  After the procedure, he told me I should have the results on Wednesday, when my proceedure was on Monday.  I live in the states, but I believe normal turn around time is still about a week or two.  This leads me to believe that he put a rush on getring the results in.  Which may or may not mean it's cancer.  

It's the unknown.  The what IF that is driving me crazy.  The only thing I know from the initial pap spear is that it was LGSIL and my HPV strain was 16.  Guess I'll find out shortly what it is.  Going to try to keep myself busy while I wait.  I pretty much laid around all day Tuesday and yesterday!  I ended up taking an Ativan yesterday afternoon to help with my major anxiety, which just made me sleepy, so took a nap!

thanks again for the kind response.  Good luck with your results as well.  Keep in touch and let me know what you find out...

Hi Jen

I think that we are in the statistical bracket for CC but obviously that doesn't mean that we have it!!  And as far as I am aware there is not a genetic link with this type of cancer.

The waiting for sure is the worst bit - I totally agree and just being at work is the thing that helps me the most as i keep busy (apart from now when I am obviously on this Forum and not working!!).

Keep in mind that CIN is pre-cancerous and the chance of them finding anything more is really slight.  Sounds like you  will get quick results over there in the US so thats great news.  Keep me posted on how you get on.



Kay, the rational part of me says I'll be ok.  It's that irrational part of me that is having a hard time not thinking the worst.  Maybe this is something everyone goes through when waiting for a test to come back.  I will deal with what ever hand is dealt to me, I just want to know what that is!  lol 

The past 15 months have been extremely stressful.  I left my husband of 25 years in April of 2014.  I have been a Stay at home mom since the day my sweet daughter was born 21 years ago.  I also have a son who just turned 18.  It's been hard enough dealing with the emotional roller coaster of the divorce and now this.  I talked with my daughter when I first found out I had an abnormal pap and was HPV positive because I want her to be aware of the seriousness of having regular testing done and am thinking she should consider the HVP vaccine.  Before this, I was against the vaccine.  But now, I am thinking it is something she should consider when she sees the OB in January.  Thinking I was going to have my results by now, I talked to my son and told him I was waiting on results.  I worry about what they are going through, as well as my parents, my boyfriend and my best friends.  

I will post as soon as I know something.  Really hoping I hear something today.  In the meantime, my boyfriend of a year is moving in this weekend, so will have that as a distraction.  

Take care

Got my results this afternoon.  I have low grade dysplasia.  So they want to wait 4 months to do another pap.  While this should be GREAT news, I hate the fact that it is still in my body.  I found a blog while researching holistic medicine for cervical cancer and this woman was able to reverse her dysplasia and get rid of the HPV in her system.  It's a lot to follow, but better than waiting and doing nothing!  

I will check back here to see how you are doing!!


Ah good news Jen, really pleased for you.

i am nearly 3 weeks post treatment and haven't heard anything as yet, so it's a daily battle to keep positive but I am sort of managing!

Take care