New Diagnosed

Hi all, I found out at the end of January that’s I have early stage cervical cancer. I had a loop excision done and some biopsy taken. They found a small tumour 1.5mm which they removed last week. They also took more biopsy’s. I was discharged by a nurse and never got to speak to the consultant. At the end of my discharge letter it said that I may need to have a full hysterectomy!! I am only 37 and would be absolutely devastated if I did need to have a full hysterectomy!! My letter also said that I should receive an appointment for the oncologist for 3-4 weeks time. The waiting is absolutely killing me. Has anyone else been through through this?


Thank you for taking the time to read my post xx

Same here.  They removed a very small cancer during my leep/lletz.  I had clear margins so it appears they’ve removed it all.  The oncologist said I need a hysterectomy but I do get to keep my ovaries so I won’t go into menopause.  I’m having it on March 27th.  I’m only 34. Sorry you’re going through this. 

Hi, I just had my 2nd lletz under general it was so weird cuz I haven’t bled at all, I have 1a1 cancer with cin3 cgin and squamous cells which I don’t understand. Ive 2 boys and getting married next year, im only 31, this anxiety is awful. I think I just want a hysterectomy, my doc said he would give me a total hysterectomy. I’m so confused by it all. 

Hi Loubylou :-)

What is it about the prospect of a hysterectomy that you would find devastating? Had you hoped to get pregnant? Or do you simply believe that it would make you feel less like a woman? I can promise you that post-hysterectomy you are just as much a woman as you ever were.

I think generally that a hysterectomy is more likely if your cancer type is adenocarcinoma, because that tends to hide farther up inside the cervical canal, and less likely if your cancer type is squamous cell because that tends to keep itself in plain view.

So I expect that your wait is because your biopsies are being analysed to assess exactly what type of cancer it was that has been removed. In all probabilty it will be squamous and you will avoid surgery, so try not to worry, but even if that is not the case, a hysterectomy is not the end of the world.

Be lucky :-)

Hi all, I have just been diagnosed with stage 1a1 as well. It was removed during a cone biopsy and there were clear margins. My doctor however has not mentioned a hysterectomy and says that the cone biopsy is treatment enough. I think I would prefer to have a hysterectomy to help mentally. May I ask what your doctors said about the reason why they are going directly to a hysterectomy rather than stopping with the cone biopsy?