Never had a normal smear, now CIN2. V nervous

I received my first smear letter just before I was 25, I booked it that day, not because of symptoms but because I have always believed it is important. Result was abnormal cells, might sort themselves out so smear again in 6 months. 

Second smear came bsck abnormal, referral to colposcopy. I freaked out, but got through it. A biopsy was done, CIN1 result. Come back in a year.

I get a GP letter for a smear in March 2017, came back as normal. Now that was party time, weight off my mind!

i then receive a letter from the colposcopy unit inviting me back for another one, 1 yr from the first. I freak out again, call the doctor asking if the smear result was reported wrong. I was assured it was a follow up from the biopsy, the smear was definitely negative. Brilliant, I'll go just for the 100% all clear and then forget all about it.

Colposcopy comes around, all calm and happy knowing it's fine. Told there is something a bit odd so 2 more biopsies taken. I'm confused and scared, but it's ok because it can't be bad if a smear was ok.

Results just though and CIN2 diagnosed, come back in 4 months. So the smear was just useless, and it has become worse than last year. I see that CIN2 generally should get treatment and I don't know what to expect, should I take days off work? In case I get treatment there and then? Should I get boyfriend/mum to come with me in case? How much of my cervix will I lose? Does it grow back? How long will I be in pain for? I have the coil so I know that has to be taken out if there's anything more than a biopsy, but I don't know when I can have another put in, if at all.

Generally I appreciate this is all pre stages, and I am calm-ish about that, but I'm still so clueless about the reality of it all, and hate that this 'abnormality' is inside me and I just have to wait another 4 months and I can't do anything in the meantime. 

Any soothing words appreciated thanks:

Hi there, I just have had my loop diathermy done this morning. I'll try to answer your questions to the best of my knowledge and experience. Unfortunately with pre cancer cells on the cervix quite often results may be conflicting. I have been told that cells undergo constant changes, may heal or go worse as well as abnormal results may also be caused by occasional infections etc. I have had 3 smears done one after another (all results alarming), then colposcopy and at the same time they have taken biopsy. Decision was quick as I could see with my own eyes that some cells turned pink (viral infection - HPV) some white (pre-cancer). There were 3 samples taken and 2 turned up to be CIN1 and one CIN2. CIN1, as you know is low, but 2 is considered moderate and requires treatment so I would expect you are going to get an appoitnment to the Colloscopy Clinic any time soon. This is very important you attend! Treatment usually takes from about 40mins to an hour and half although, mine was done in no time. Every women experience this a little different because our bodies are different. I would recommend you take a day off from work and just to be on the sagę side explain tonyour boss that there is possibility you may have to extend your absence to two or three days. Somebody should go with you as you shouldn't drive back home on your own! and I would really not recommend public transport. Procedure is really uncomfortable and can be painful although you will get a local anesthetic. After this you may feel dizzy, have abdominal crambs, feel emotional, bleed, have a discharge...That's why you should take a day off and have somebody with you. It may be you will be one of those lucky womem that don't get much of side effects and heal quickly but you really won't be able to tell how your body will react. I have problems with sitting and still walk like a duck so no work for me tomorrow. Amount of the cervix "you will lose" depends on grade (yours CIN2) and area affected. Do you remember from colposcopy/biopsy how much of the cervix turned white/pink?? This is roughly what they will have to remove. But do not panic! This area is so tiny we are mostly talking in mm! This will heal over time. I think in a way we can compare it to skin. Will heal, may have some "scars" left but apart from that should come back to normal after some time. You can be in pain for next few days after the treatment but if then simple painkilllers should cope with this. You have to keep in mind that your cervix will fully heal in approx 4 to even 6 weeks so they will explain you at the clinic what changes you should make to your life. Surely try to avoid sex, no tampons, no intensive exercise, no heavy lifting. You need to allow your cervix to fully heal. There is possibility that in some cases HPV or precancer changes may come back after this treatment so you really want to allow it to heal properly, avoid unnecessary bleeding/infection. I think coil won't be an option in weeks after the treatment and you should ask at the clinic what they advise after. I'm no doctor pr specialist in the area but read several articles and if this would be up to me I would consider different method of contraseption. Do your own research in the subject though. There are few ways you can help your body fight HPV and abnormal cells. There was some research done in the area and some women would see improvements. You can take folic acid, eat fruit/veg high with carotenoids (carrots/tomatos) as well as those rich in I3C like broccoli, cabbage. It is advisable not to smoke and try stress as little as possible. Drink green tea daily. I hope this is helpful! Most importantly - do not panic and remember that you have right to ask questions. I hope everything will be well with you! Good luck!