Need some clarity / support. Upcoming lletz treatment.

Hi, I had my first smear about a year ago aged 26. Came back immediately as severe dyskariosis, which I read all about and understood. They did a colposcopy / biopsy but nothing came up on this. It was felt my long duration on contraception had caused my cervix to sort of prolapse so the coloscopy couldn’t see any abnormal cells. There were discussions of a cone biopsy but an MDT meeting decided against this due to risk and they then said leave it 6 months. I had another smear about 2 weeks ago and again severe / high dyskariosis so I am going in for Lletz treatment next week. I know what to expect but it is still nerve racking and my other concerns are about a pain in my cervical area and bleeds after sex. I also wonder if abnormal cells can generally cause fatigue as this is something I have been experiencing bouts of for over a year. Any support would be welcomed. I know there is no need to worry, it’s just niggling in the back of my head. Thanks.
Also, is CIN3 high grade abnormalities?

Hi Venus.

Sorry you have to deal with the LLETZ treatment.. Plenty of people on hear will give you various stories and offer advice.

I found my lletz treatment very painful however I went in a bag of nerves..I will probably need further treatment in March so this time im a lot calmer and I am sure it will not be as bad. as for the fatigue.. well the whole of last year I was exhausted (i have no idea if it was due to the CIN3CIn2 that I had) but what I do know is that since I have had my treatment I do feel more full of life!

I hope that you have the support of your family and friends however we are all hear for you.

stay strong and positive and power on through.. we are all hear to offer help and advice and virtual hugs


Of course its nerve racking, I was lucky that they done my Lletz on my colposcopy appointment so I didn’t have to go back again and have time to work myself up.
I was still a wreak mind and cried but honestly they are all so nice and the nurse held my hand throughout.
If I’m honest I really didnt like it, some people say its fine and feel nothing so we are all different but I did feel pain and I bled a lot which they couldn’t stop and the smell got it. It prob didnt help that I tried watching it on the screen. Afterward I had discharge for a month, it was watery and you get small coffee like grains come out which is quite normal. I was sore the next day and that was it.
Good luck and a big hug.

Hi Venus,

I had a Colposcopy and Lletz on the same day, so like Monster, I didn't have too long to think about it.  I was very scared and read the information which had been sent to me with the Appointment letter.  The nurses at the hospital were absolutely amazing.  One nurses stood right by me and talked to me, to calm me all the time.  The Consultant was also lovely and explained what and why she would be doing the procedures.  I was amazed how quick it was and apart from a slight, what felt like a bit of pressure and a little stinging when the silver nitrate went on, it didn't hurt at all.  I actually said to the Consultant "Is that it?".  

I also had a month of bleeding.  It wasn't heavy, and the discharge was brown.  Unfortunately, I did pick up an infection about 5 days afterwards.  I had a very bad headache, temperature and felt queazy, so got some antibiotics which sorted it out.  

My advice would be

  • take someone with you for moral support if you can  
  • have a Paracetamol before you go
  • don't Google like I did.  I wish I hadn't as it looked a lot worse than it was
  • close your eyes and think of nice things
  • try to relax and don't worry 

I feel much more alive since having the Lletz too.

Sending you a big virtual hug to you and I am sure you will be fine next week.



Thank you all so much for your replies. I really appreciate you taking the time to respond. I suppose I have come to this forum as I have not really had anyone else to talk to about it to; I have friends around but they don't really understand the emotional aspects. Did anyone else question their fertility when they first were told about abnormalities? It really has made me see my body as being so precious and that I need to protect it and keep it healthy. I am genuinely concerned that there is a link between my low immune system and the cells; frequent colds, bouts of nausea, constant fatigue. I have been to the doctors and they were not able to offer any cause / solution. Perhaps once the treatment is done I may feel less stressed, it could be a subconcious thing. I will have a good friend with me and I am taking 2 days off work to rest. Do the cells get tested after the treatment i.e do i have to await more results?

Thanks again, particularly for all the valuable advice. Needless to say I probably will watch it on the screen as I am a bit of a science boffin and like to know what is going on!


Best Wishes, V

Hi All,

First message on here as I am a bit nervous. I have a LLETZ treatment scheduled for tomorrow and after reading some peoples experiences I am incredibly anxious. From my previous 2 biopsy's the pain was just about bearable and I am dreading the feeling after tomorrow. Is the pain similar to really bad period pain? Is the bleeding afterwards guaranteed and is it heavy? I have booked the following day of work to recover just to be on the safe side.

My LLETZ will be done with local anaesthetic and I am intrigued / petrified of how exactly they will inject this and that it will definately work. Do any of you have any advice  from experience of what happens / what to expect?


Thank you :)

Hi Kirsty,

I had my LLETZ treatment yesterday. It was nerve racking and I was asking myself all the same questions as you have. Very pleased to say it was no where near as bad as I anticipated it to be. The treatment itself only takes minutes. You can feel the injections but they are over very quickly. I found that having really lovely nurses / doctor helped and we chatted thoughout the treatment about work and other things. This really did help. I found that also asking questions about what was happening was very helpful for me but that is subjective and other people may not want to know. I was slightly shaky after the treatment due to the adrenaline in the injection so would advise you just to stay laid down and relax; no need to rush to get out of there. Have a cup of tea and biscuit tehy offer, it will make you feel better I promise, even if you do just want to leave. I had a friend waiting for me in the waiting room and she came home with me and helped me devour a big takeaway. You definitely deserve it! I took today off work too, the cramping was just like period pain and today has almost gone but felt that having a day just to relax and get your head in a place ready for work is very important. Today I have cleaned my house and set up a new office; done positive things that make me feel good.

If you need any more advice, please get in touch.

You will be fine, lots of love and positive thoughts with you. You are a very strong lady :)

Hi Venus

thank you for your message and your encouragement :-) it means a lot. Your experience with the LLETZ will hopefully be similar to mine (the takeaway after is definitely the highlight ha!) 

Taking it easy this evening and preparing for tomorrow! Tea and biscuits after sound good and if the adrenaline has the effect you said then I will take them up on it. 

I will message tomorrow to let you know how it goes and again thank you for your kind words.