need more treatment after total radical hysterectomy

hi everyone, just reaching out as today i heard the news I’ll need more treatment after my op two weeks ago.  It’s hit me really hard as  the surgeon seemed so positive the op would hopefully be enough.  I feel really worried now it’s been regraded from 1b1 to 2b.  The nurse said on the phone that the nodes are clear but I don’t know the details yet as to the extent of where it is.  My appointment with the consultant isn’t for a week so I have all that time to worry and I feel numb right now.  

the nurse just kept saying it’s treatable but couldn’t say much more but I can’t help thinking the worst.  Sorry to be so negative, can anyone offer me something positive to focus on? 

Best wishes, Ruth 

Hi Ruth,

Same happened to me but I had five positive lymph nodes and was restaged a 3. I went on to have chemotherapy and radiation.

That was 22 years ago!

So there's positive news for you!

Karen x 

Hi Karen

That’s really kind of you to reply and very pleased you sound like you’re in the clear with the more recent setbacks.  You’ve def given me something positive to fill my mind with as since I found out yesterday all I want to do is go to sleep to blot it out until my meeting next Friday which seems so long to wait.

Hopefully the next few days I’ll slowly accept the idea this is going to be a longer process than originally thought.

i hope you have a lovely weekend 

best wishes, Ruth x

Yes, it's horrible to find out more treatment ahead but it is totally doable. The time flies as you move through the treatment cycles 

Good luck!


Hi, thank you so much

best wishes, Ruth 

Hi Ruth

I had the same thing to happen to me about 2 years ago getting ready to go to my 2year check up on March 4th. I was a 1b1, had a radical hysterectomy and then after the path came back it said a little spread to parametrium and a Parametrium lymph node so restated to a 2b so had to have External radiation and chemo. It does upset u but it is doable and I looked at it that if it was going to make me better then I was ready to do it so I want to say good luck and pray all is good for u.

Hi, ahh thanks so much for replying - that’s encouraging for me and I Hope your check up goes well. I think the most difficult thing for me right now is that I know I need more treatment but don’t know the reason and have to wait until Friday - will just have to try and be patient! Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

best wishes, Ruth x




Hi Rufus :-)

I had brilliantly successful surgery, but once all my bits and bobs had had their spin round the path lab it was decided that they were, perhaps, a little larger and nastier than had been anticipated while they were safe and warm inside me. So I was advised to go forward with chemo-rads, which I did.

Not at all as awful as it sounds, very doable, and here I am many years later without a spot of bother. Don't be afraid, Just Do It :-)

Be lucky :-)

I'm was the same. If anything I'm glad I had everything medicine could provide. Two years on and I still get aches and pains but my oncologist is really happy with me. 


N x 

Thanks for your support - it’s tough going and am 3 out of 5 weeks done now.  Found out yesterday I have to have a blood transfusion as red cell count a bit low but apparently very common.  I am literally counting down the days!  So glad you are two years on and doing well.

Ruth x