Radical Hysterectomy but need more treatment

hello ladies,

I had radical hysterectomy in late April. The operation went well but I’ve been told that it would be prudent to do further treatment as they found a small lymph vascular invasion elsewhere. Not the best news, and feeling quite down today. 

It would be good to hear from anyone who has also had to have adjuvant  therapy or maybe those who are doing it and we can swap notes.

Best wishes to you all.


This happened to me. I had 5 lymph nodes test positive for cancer.

I had the chemorads equivalent ...and here I am 22 years later!

It's an annoying blip and a scary time but you can do this.

Karen x 



Hi AK,

I had a succesful radical hysterectomy a year ago, but cancer has returned to an area in vaginal vault. I'm currenlty on week 3 of 5 chemo/rads and then onto brachytherapy.  I'm sure you're feeling a bit overwhelmed at this stage, but it gets easier with time and definitely once treatment begins.  I think you're in a good position, better to play it safe now and get it all over and done with!

Linda x


I was in the same position as you about 6 weeks ago. I had a hysterectomy but they found some slight lymph vascular space invasion in what they took out but they had clear margins. They offered me adjuvant therapy as a precaution to lessen my chances of recurrence  

I just completed 5 weeks of radiotherapy and brachytherapy on Friday. They didn’t offer me chemo as my oncologist said that the toxicity outweighed the slight benefits of having it as well as radio. The way she put it was that you could kill a fly by squashing it with your finger or a big heavy book. Both do the job but one causes more damage.

i found both the radiotherapy and brachytherapy tolerable and haven’t really had many side effects. My tummy is a bit more sensitive to food atm but that should settle.

also if you have to have brachytherapy then do not freak out with what you can read about it online. I had a hard job finding info about the type of brachy that you have when you’ve had a hysterectomy. You don’t have anaesthetic or anything like that. I was literally in and out of the room in about 15 minutes and the actual treatment only lasts 5-10 minutes. 

Feel free to message me if you want to know anything else.

Alice xx

Thank you and very kind of you to respond. I will find out more on Thursday. 


Hi Linwoo,

Sorry to hear this. Better to be safe than sorry as you say. I hope all goes well for you and continued good health.

best wishes and I hope to hear good news from you soon.


Dear AK

I believe I find myself in a similar situation! I had hysterectomy only in July last year for early 1a1 cervical cancer and now on my six month vault smear and further biopsies have been told have have vaginal cancer :grimacing: I’m waiting for repeat PET and MRI scan but my consultant has said I will likely need five weeks of radiotherapy. brachytherapy hasn’t been mentioned yet but I am dreading that bit. Part of the reason I am where I am is that I had a terrible experience after having my son with third degree tears and awful experience of repair so delayed my smear test. If anyone can tell me more about what it’s really like to have brachytherapy I would like to know more. I have so many questions that are unanswered x