More treatment

Hi All,


had ad my trachelectomy on August 13th and have healder really well. I saw the consultant yesterday and it hasn't spread into my lymph nodes as far as they can tell. However the type of cancer was much more aggressive than they first thought therefore I require further treatment. I have been advised that this would either be radiotherapy and chemotherapy or a full hysterectomy.  I don't have children so I am initially thinking that a full hysterectomy is my best bet as at least that would leave me with my ovaries, from which I could harvest eggs in the future. 

As I understand it, this extra treatment is all about reducing the chances of the cancer returning, but I am left with almost impossible choices to make. More surgery which is going to leave me in a pickle, or pumping my body full of bloody awful chemicals. 


Hi Ruthie32,

I am sorry hat you have to have more treatment honey,but

if it means it gets rid of it once and for all thats the best out


Please be reassured to know that lots of ladies have been through

the treatment/surgery,so if you need to know anything,shout out.

Hopefully since posting this your team will have been giving you

some good advice to make your choice easier.

All the best

Becky x