Hi Everyone,

After two years of going back and forth to the doctors and being referred to the wrong place I finally got an appointment for my TV ultrasound at the beginning of December. A new letter from the Gyno says the scan showed a cervical polyp and an appointment is needed to discuss myosure.

At the scan I was quite pushy (not intentionally) with the sonographer who said ‘are your smear tests up to date?’ I said yes and she said ‘it’s just you have a thickening’ I am left wondering what would have happened if I’d have said no. She then went on to say she thought she could see a cervical polyp and I asked if she was sure. She said that’s what she thought it was but couldn’t say for 100% and that further investigations would be needed. She then asked where I should be referred back to? So knowing absolutely nothing about the NHS systems, I said to the Gyno who had sent me there in the first place. I’ve also now seen my ultra sound report to the Gyno and it says on conclusion ? Cervical polyp.
I don’t like the ? =(

I wondered if anyone knows if the Gyno consultant physically looks at the scans to decide? And if anyone has had a myosure procedure to remove polyps as from reading the NHS resources online it says patients may have had a hysteroscopy before a myosure?

Sadly there is no date on my letter so no idea when I will be seen but I’m so stressed with worry.

Thanks in advance for any replies x

When it comes to medical procedures and diagnoses, uncertainty can be challenging.

In many cases, a gynecologist or a specialist would indeed review the ultrasound images and other diagnostic information to make decisions about the appropriate course of action. The question mark (? Cervical polyp) in your ultrasound report might indicate some level of uncertainty or ambiguity in the diagnosis. It’s not uncommon for further investigations or tests to be recommended to get a clearer picture.

As for the myosure procedure, it’s a minimally invasive procedure commonly used to remove uterine polyps or fibroids. Whether or not a hysteroscopy is done before myosure can depend on the specific circumstances of each case. A hysteroscopy allows the doctor to visually inspect the inside of the uterus and can be used to identify and sometimes remove polyps. It’s best to discuss these concerns and questions directly with your gynecologist during your appointment.

Thank you - I really appreciate you replying to me. I just really hope for all this to be over very soon. Thanks again x