Advice please - Ultrasound

Hi all, not sure where i fit on the list of forums !!!  I have had bleeding after intercourse with my husband and so went to the docs who did a smear and she advised that she could see a "thinning of the cervix"  and was told I would be referred for further investigations.

I heard nothing so contacted GP and they said that the referral never happened and were sorry and have done it now, anyway, I digress I have an appointment on Monday for a ultrasound.  I thought there was a investigation before this - colposcopy?

I did have a cone biopsy when I was 22 but was never told anything further was needed and had smear tests every year for many years with nothing to show.

Am I being paranoid that I am missing a section of investigation as I have looked on the internet (sometimes not the best thing to do)and it seems to me that an ultrasound is usually needed to see how far the cancer has spread, which is concerning considering I haven't been diagnosed!!!

Thanks for your time    



Although I havnt had exactly the same problem - I do know ultrasounds can be used to look at all sorts of things besides jumping to a cancer diagnosis! Last year I had really bad pelvic pain, went to the doctors who referred me on to have an ultrasound. I can an external one and internal one - not that it showed anything! They can be used for all sorts of things from cysts, to measuring womb lining etc


Hope that is a little reasurrance


Good luck, I hope everything goes ok x 

Hi ginge

I am currently being investigated for abnormal bleeding (between periods and after sex).  I have had abnormal cells previously and have just been referred to colposcopy by my consultant.  I have been going to my GP since August with this problem and was referred for an ultrasound initially, so it seems this isn't unusual.  They look for benign things such as fibroids.  Mine was clear apart from my ovaries looking polycystic so they are now double checking my cervix before deciding where to go from there. I'm obviously a little nervous and just want the appointment to come through and to get it over and done with.

Have your recent smears been clear?  Mine have been so I think the GP was doubtful it would be that, hence why she referred me for other investigations first.



Thanks Rachel.  I did have a smear done in December and am waiting for the results.  The doctors did say that when she had a look there was a thinning of the cervix which would cause the bleeding but she wanted to send me for further investigations and possible cauterization thats probably why I was surprised I have been booked for an ultrasound.  Oh well, its on monday so will go armed with a list of questions.