Hi all


i am waiting for a scan (29 jan) and to see the gynocogist (2nd feb) but I just want to ask- my doctor said she saw a growth on my cervix along with a graze which was bleeding a Little. My question is- if my gp thought it was a poylp would she have just said and have been able to remove it there and then? I'm really confused and feel I still have so long to wait before I see anyone!! Has anyone else had a growth that turned out to be Nothing?

thank you xx 

Hi Nicola,

Sorry you have had a long wait for an answer. I have to say I don't really know the answer to your question except that I don't think a GP would ever just remove a polyp there and then in their surgery (silly name for it really since it's an office and they don't use it to perform surgery). Anyway, because there are specialist doctors for certain body parts, gynaecology being one, GPs tend to leave those bits up to the specialists, and quite right too in my opinion. A GP's surgery has every Tom Dick and Harry walking in there with every infection under the sun.

Be lucky


They would not remove a polyp in the drs office.  A gynaecologist would have to do that in a sterile environment.  It could be something as simple as a cervical erosion.  Are you having an ultrasound and transvaginal scan, or a CT scan?