My LLETZ Recovery Experience

Hi Everyone,

I've posted on here quite a few times since I had LLETZ, back on Feb 1st, but it's finally been 4 weeks and I wanted to share my recovery experience. I hope this helps and reassures any current or future post LLETZ people wondering what to expect. Sorry it's such a long post and feel free to ask any questions. 

Days 1-10

On the day of the LLETZ I came away with very mild cramping and just a bit of spotting which continued for 3 more days, only ever needing a panty liner. For days 5-10 I just had liquidy discharge with occasional black bits in it (from the silver nitrate) and no blood at all. I also used panty liners in this time just in case I bled again but also because the discharge was quite heavy, very liquidy, and pungent.

Days 11-15: First Period Post LLETZ (Technically a withdrawal bleed from my usual contraceptive pill cycle)

On the 11th day, I started to have some spotting in the evening which was expected as I was due my period on the following day. I did start my period on day 12 and, usually, the first 2 ish days are my really heavy days (when using a cup I can bleed up to 30mls in 24 hours, average is 35mls for the whole period!) but surprisingly they were relatively light, only needing normal pads and only changing because of long wear rather than becoming fully used, so only about 2 or 3 normal pads a day.

The period itself only lasted 4 days with the same amount of bleeding for each day. Usually, I bleed for 5 days - 2 heavy, 2 regular, 1 light.

Day 16-25

From when my period stopped (day 16), I continued to get spotting everyday for 10 days. It varied from a pinky red to a brown red and slowly got less and less each day. The doctor told me that most women experience bleeding about two weeks after LLETZ so this combined with my period could be a why I had spotting after my period and for so long.

Day 26-28

These last few days were on and off very light spotting which only consisted of a brown discharge but I would still wear a panty liner. On day 26 I actually stopped spotting for a whole day!

Day 29 - this post

So, since day 29 post LLETZ I have since stopped spotting and there is no longer the brown discharge. This has only been for 3 days so far but I feel that my body is healed now and hopefully I will have no issues with any further bleeding or spotting.


Overall, I don't think my recovery was that bad at all and it did take the 4 weeks suggested time that the doctor said. I think next time I would take extra pills to avoid having my period during the recovery time so my body can heal quicker. I also received my results at the 4 week mark, again the time the doctor said it would take.

Extra thoughts:

- I found it quite hard to judge how heavy or light my period was as I used Tampons for most of my life and a menstrual cup for the last 2 years. It was also just annoyingly uncomfortable. 

- My period during my recovery was definitely more painful regarding cramps and I experienced more trapped wind than usual. Even after my period this bloatedness continued for another week.

- Maybe the heavy periods I was experiencing before could have been cause by the abnormal cells? I look forward to my next period to test this theory.

- Ask the Expert on this website, after contacting them, mentioned that having a period during the recovery can delay the healing process.

That's all folks 

Think I'll be getting the LLETZ tomorrow so thank you for sharing your experience! Very assuring. 

Hi Leanne and thanks for sharing your exprience. This all sounds very similar to my recovery. My procedure went very well and I had no bleeding or cramps, just a yellow discharge which was quite abundant the first week. My period came on roughly when I was expecting it (2 days late). My period is normally so heavy I sometimes have to be put on Tranexamic acid so I can go on about my daily routine but this time it was surprisingly light with no cramps and lasted only 4 days! Reading your comment about heavy flow possibly being caused by the bad cells fills me with hope as this is literally affecting my life (I’ve had to take time off work and cancel flights because I couldn’t handle the bleeding). I am actually taking iron tablets because I was diagnosed with anaemia due to my heavy period so not sure if that’s also helped? My period stopped 5 days ago and I’ve had no discharge since! I am now waiting to see if I get the mid cycle spotting which I’v been getting every month for the last year. I also suffer from constant bloating. I am fit, exercise regularly and generally careful about what I eat but the bloating keeps getting worse even after I cut off dairy and gluten from my diet. Well since I had the lletz I had no bloating at all and I’m chuffed to bits!! So overall I’m feeling a lot better about my well being since having the treatment and I just hope my results will be good so I can relax and properly look after myself.

Hi Morjan,

I remember you were worried about your period post LLETZ, glad yours finally arrived and what good news that it was also light like mine. I will have to keep you updated on my next period (Although I might double pack my pills as I will be taking a long haul flight when it's due).

Weird how your bloating stopped and mine increased, at least mine was temporary and I'm back to normal now. So glad the LLETZ seems to have improved other areas of your life too!

Thanks Leanne, yes I was worried as I had no symptoms and was a bit late but my period just came unannounced! Yes keep me posted please and I am glad to hear your treatment was successful :)