My biopsy/Lletz Experience

Hi all

Just wanted to share my experience in the hopes of helping someone else. I was diagnosed with CIN2/3 and HPV after my biopsy at the start of August and had Lletz treatment 5 days ago (7 weeks after biopsy).

I found the colposcopy/biopsy far more scarier than the treatment itself, I think due to not knowing what to expect and no numbing. I had three members of staff in the room with me and they were so informative, friendly and calming and I really felt taken care of. I had period type pain afterwards and found it quite emotionally taxing (lack of support from friends, this forum has really helped!), but was fine a day or two afterwards.

I was very anxious the week before my Lletz treatment but fortunately managed to prepare myself well enough that I was calm on the day. I took pain killers and CBD oil beforehand, and reminded myself it was a short procedure and would soon be over. I had two of the same staff from before which was nice for familiarity. Once again, they were all very friendly, calming and even got a few laughs out of me. I was talked through every part of the procedure as it was happening. The most painful part of the LLetz treatment for me was the injections, a couple of sharp scratches but after that I was perfectly numb and didn’t feel a thing (no heat or pressure as warned about).

I’ve had no pain since and I’m having to remind myself to take it easy, just in case. I had some bleeding 3 days afterwards (fresh, bright red blood) that only lasted about a day. I now have a consistent watery discharge and managing with one pad a day/just knickers in the evening at home (I hate pads!). There is a slight smell but no worse/different to what I experience during my period, I’m hoping this isn’t the start of an infection.

I’m due to fly to Ibiza for a long weekend in a couple of weeks (3 weeks after Lletz). I know I can’t swim etc. and might have heavy bleeding which is fine but the doctor didn’t seem to keen on me flying as apparently the pressure in the cabin can cause the scab to remove before it’s ready.

Does anyone have any experience of flying after Lletz?


Hello I was on a flight ( 2 hours flight) 7 days after Lletz and I was completely fine, before I did it I asked 2 gynecologist and both said no problem at all. Hope that helps. Enjoy Ibiza!!