LLETZ in jan and feeling really down

My full story is long but to shorten it - 5 years of abnormal cells & HPV I got a biopsy this year. Originally the results were CIN1 so I was happy as I knew this meant no treatment.

This past month I got diagnosed with very mild skin cancer so had that removed. The aftermath was a nightmare. Doctor used the wrong stitches so my wound reopened, got infected and I’m still not fully healed.

Today I got the letter that I now actually have CIN2 after a closer look so LLETZ booked for Jan. I’m so drained already and just feel like my body is failing me. I know it’s ridiculous but I just feel like I can’t face another procedure. During my skin removal they noted I had very thin blood (which makes sense from past experiences) and I know this can be a problem with the LLETZ.

I’m already worried about the after part of the procedure. Any tips on making the healing process as smooth as possible?

Also they have to take the coil out for it right?

Hi! I’m 3 weeks post Lletz under general - I bled about 3 days after up until about last week where it was just spotting (old blood so quite dark) for me the recovery has been fine - I took time off work (5 days) and gave myself time to rest. I had a new coil fitted while they were there as they said they would cut the strings which would make it harder when time to remove it so just popped a new one in for me.

Just be easy on yourself and don’t do too much too soon and you should be fine.

I just know I had moderate changes at smear and have been told nothing else so still waiting results at the moment but keeping busy.

Try not to worry the procedure itself is ok and the pain afterwards is just like period pain - my hot water bottle was my best friend lol

Look after yourself :heart:

Thank you for your reply Lydia. I had it yesterday and I did bleed a lot during it but it went so much better than I expected.

No pain or after bleeding yet but I know it can come later. I’m working just a few hours a day from the couch all week to try and make sure this recovery is smooth as possible.

I’m not even thinking about the results; in my head I’m pretending I don’t get any and it’s done now :laughing: I’ve done this with my other removal I had in December too and it helps a lot because the wait for results is so long.

I’m hoping this is the end of being poked and prodded for a while!

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