MRI Results Appointment Today

I have my appointment for the follow up to my scan done nearly 3 weeks ago…
I have been so positive throughout all this, talking to people about it, staying positive etc and today I am so anxious, I’ve cried a few times, I have a banging headache and my stomach is churning…
I could honestly sit and cry again writing this…

Been clock watching all day, appointment is 3.15pm this afternoon…


I wish you all the luck in the world for your appointment today.

Try and stay positive and strong. You can do this.

I am on my first week of CC treatment and all my appointments for radiotherapy have been around 4pm a nightmare waiting all day. you just want to get over with don’t you? It won’t be long now be brave.

Sending lots of love and hugs.


Just back, its not gone anywhere else…
I’ve never been so relieved :relieved:

Full hysterectomy being scheduled next week for mid March xx


Glad to hear your news, I felt just the same a few weeks ago before my results, scheduled in 2 weeks for the op


Best of luck to you both i have just been confirmed stage 3c1 this week unfortunately too far gone for surgery. They had originally diagnosed me as stage 1 and thought surgery but it’s not the case now after mri and pet scan stage 3c1 confirmed.
Anyway best of luck to yous…
Hope we all chat on the other end of this x

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I’m so sorry to read this Hope3 :pensive:
Please kerp me up to date how your treatment us going, if you ever need an ear to bend, bend away x

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Great news you will be fine after op just take it easy rest up xx

I was confirmed Stage 1B after CTScan, MRI and PET. Had open cut surgery for radical hysterectomy last Oct. They had to abandon surgery half way as it had spread to my lymb nodes. Reclassified as 3Stage 3C1. Started radiotherapy with chemo for 5 weeks followed by 3 weeks of 3 lots of brachytherapy. Completed on 20 Jan 2023.
Next is 6 months PET scan in August 2023.


Wow, that must of been a massive shock :astonished:
Got everything crossed for you for your treatment :pray: xxxx

Thanks. Yes, was devastated when I woke up from surgery to be told it had been abandoned as cancer had spread to lymph nodes.
Glad to have completed my radiotherapy, chemo and brachytherapy now.
Hope all goes ok for PET scan in August.

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