Results in, hysterectomy booked today

Last night I had convinced myself I had pain coming from all parts of my abdomen and that the cancer had spread everywhere so I needed to prepare for the worse when met with consultant this afternoon. He quickly told (as nurse from own hospital had told him how anxious I was) that it was early stage and I was 1b1!!!!!! Well, I cried! He was so good about it all, so supportive, approachable and easy to talk to as well as very intelligent!!

I had my MRI at own hospital at 9.45 this morning and he was able to tell me at Nottingham at 2pm that the MRI was all fine and that I was all ready for hysterectomy!! He went through all the treatment possibilities, explaining the ifs, buts, and whys of all choices and came to conclusion radical hysterectomy on 24th September (same day as you, Cheryl D, I note, if you are reading).

The relief is incredible. I had all my pre ops today so don't need to travel back next week and the nurses were lovely. Such great care. Can't wait for 24th to get here!! My hubbie and I went for a walk in the rain and bite to eat to clear heads before coming home.

I'm still aware this may not be the end. I note your story Emma (r4lph) and it does bring me back down to earth. I hope you are feeling a bit better today x

Anyway, that's where I am. I will still be on here each day and comment where think may be helpful then will post again post op (maybe pre op, if nervous...) thank you to everyone on here the past week. Think I would have had a break down without this website every night xxxx Love to all just starting their journey and those well on there way. Keep posting xxx


Excellent news about your staging and not too long to wait for your op either :) x

Hi Donna

Fab news very happy (well as happy as you can be for us cancer suffers can be), where you having your op? and whos doing it? Im okay at the end of the day my cancer has gone, just need to make sure the pesky bugger doesn't come back :)  Haha I did the same had pain everywhere, hips, back, arms thought I had bone cancer funny how our minds trick us isn't it? even funnier is that when I got the news of stage 1b the pains all went, anyway if you need to know anythin please just ask, im just ahead of you and felt great after my hysterectomy and although I wobbled yesterday im firmly back on board now 

Love Emma xxx

[Hospital name and doctor's name removed]. Very please with [Doctor's name removed]as he has been praised by everyone I've met at both hospitals as is top surgeon who actually teachers other surgeons so will be in safe hands. He is actually a consultant with a personality as the others I have met so far didnt seem to have one (especially the man who mumbled out my diagnosis last week with no feeling), he had a sense of humour too!

Any hoo, in a better place than 24 hours ago. Thank u x

Him and [Doctor's name removed] were my surgeons I saw  [Doctor's name removed] the other day he is lovely, you are in very good hands, the ward is fab too very kind nurses xxx


Thanks. Yes, I actually feel lucky!! Weird, eh?


Oh oh wow! Thanks for that. Makes me feel better :-)

It's a small world after all lol!!

Can I ask why he took ur ovaries out as leaving mine in yet were both 1b1. He told me so as to not bring on menopause and the need for HRT as I’m “only” 37 (you don’t look old in your photo!! ;-))

I'm so pleased you have that team, your cancer, your consultant, your staging all the same as me, you on Boston I'm inLincoln x

I'm 37 too, they took mine because I didn't like the risk of the cancer coming back onto them,  [Doctor's name removed] said that if I wanted my ovaries out he was happy to remove them.  There was a small % that it could have come back and I thought that while they were in there they might as well remove them too.  I saw  [Doctor's name removed] last Tues in Lincoln bless him had a good laugh, he asked how I was hormone wise I said I had cried at an advert, he said I will give you some HRT today hehe, he also said I was cancer free but advised the further treatment x

Ok, that's something to think about as I am happy for them to take them out and thought they would so was surprised when he said that. It's always just knowing what to do for the best. Food for thought.

At least you are already in lincoln for your chemo, or do you have to go to Notts for that?

No staying in Lincoln, originally they were going to conserve my ovaries, night morning of my op the docs took me to the side room to say hi how are you and I said to [Doctor's name removed]will this come back on my ovaries he said it couldn't be ruled out so I said remove them, the consent form was changed   there and then and they removed them x

Thanks. Ill have a word with Scott (hubbie) in the morning about that. :-)

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Hi Dons,

Really really pleased you got good news.  I kept checking the site last night to see how you had got on but didn't see it till I logged on (at work!) this morning.  We're on the same day!  Still have to get mine confirmed though as the surgeon doesn't return from his holiday till Monday - they are hoping he will do it that day. Must admit I'm hoping they take my ovaries out too. 

The consultants team are due to meet tomorrow to discuss my case and then I should be getting a phone call to go in to see them.  I like the fact you got it all done in 1 day, that was so much better.

Sounds like you have a good surgeon and team which all helps doesn't it.

I'll post my details when they are known and no doubt will be using this site daily for the continued amazing support.

Hope you have a good day today and lets get a few treats in before our ops! Smile


Hi Donna,

With regards to ovaries, protocol says that ovaries should be left in if the rad. hyst. is being performed on a woman who is not near to normal menopausal age. This is to try and preserve as much normal hormonal activity as possible, for as long as possible going up to 'normal' menopause. Generally they class 45 as the age boundary. So, if you're under 45 generally they'll leave them in, if you're 45 or over, they'll take them out.

Having said all this, the type of tumour is a consideration to some extent when deciding whether or not to remove the ovaries with a radical hysterectomy. I had Adenocarcinoma (also 1b1) which is the more aggressive type so my consultant recommended that because of the tumour type and my age (41) that they should be removed. He was actually adamant about this.

I wanted to keep them as I was worried about menopause. However, I'm now glad they are gone. It's one less thing to worry about! I started HRT a week after surgery and didn't have any menopausal symptoms, though they can take up to 2 weeks after surgery to kick in. I've been fine on HRT. I've not noticed anything different so it worked well for me. Also ovarian cancer is more common than I thought so I'm pleased that's one I do not need to worry about.

I'm glad things are moving along for you.  I think once we have a plan and the full picture it gives us focus. 

Good luck, Tess xx


I hope all goes well at your meeting. To finally know a bit more and have a date in the diary is such a relief. Which hospital are you? 

I am going to definitely ask about the ovaries now, don't want to regret it in the future, would rather take my chances with HRT I think.

just been to mths drs surgery to ask about prescription exemption form and the two receptionists were just lovely! Asking me lots of questions about what been through the past week and what coming up. One of them has just celebrated 5yr cancer free after having kidney cancer. Lovely ladies and are going to sort everything out for me for exemption card and "fitness to work" note.

my husband also rang house insurance company re our mortgage on advice of someone at work. Do you know anyone else who has claimed on insurance? Didn't even think about it but they said ring up and now the company are sending paperwork through for me to fill in.

also wrote a letter for school to send home to the parents of the kids in my class as there's all sorts of ideas going around why I'm not there apparently. I would prefer they know the truth than gossip.

any hoo, best get on...

dons x

Thank you Tess! That's really helpful actually. I am definitely going to have a word about that. I know it means HRT but I would rather not regret it in the future. I've got to look at the bigger picture and weigh up the better options. I'm glad it all worked out for you and seems to be how a lot of other ladies on here have gone. I do understand what a big decision it is, HRT isn't always great as I have seen with a lady I work with who really struggled for a while. But then my best friend is on it as she had a hysterectomy at 34 and she is fine and advises to get rid of any risks! A lot to take in, isnt it? X

Hi Dons

I'm in Coventry and will be having the op there.  I didn't know about the prescription exemption form, guess that is something they might tell me about at my meeting but I'll ask at my GPs anyway.....didn't know about the insurance thing either!  I guess none of us know this stuff unless someone happens to mention it.

Totally agree with you about people knowing the truth rather than speculate/gossip.  I've been telling all and sundry at work etc - at least if I have a wobble day they know where it is coming from!

Did they tell you what day you go in and is it the day before?  I've made a list of stuff I need from a couple of other posts on this site - ie larger pants, nighty rather than PJ's etc.  Not the best shopping list but hey, ho it's got to be done!!

Let's hope we can have some pleasure time before we go in, I'm fed up with feeling so down, depressed and scared.


It sure is a lot to take in.  And the decision is tricky as everybody is different in the way they cope with the menopause and finding the HRT that suits them.  I was lucky that I started the HRT before I had a chance to have symptoms and that the 1st HRT I tried was fine.  Also having my ovaries removed was one of things that really stressed me out.  I was a bit of a drama queen, lol.  Once you have had another chat with your consultant I'm sure that he will give his opinion on what's right for you.

RE: Insurance.  If you have critical illness cover within your mortgage / life insurance policy then you probably will be able to claim and then be able to pay your morgage off (or do what you like with the money).  All policys are different but it is very much worth the investigation!  Invasive cancer is usually covered.


I go in tea time the day before because I have to travel so far. If it is your local hospital then you can go in at 7.30 and everything starts from 8.30. I know my dr has 4 ops that day and he will decide the day before what order he will do them in. The keyhole hysterectomy apparently lasts about 2 1/2 hours then will be in recovery for an hour or so before they move me back over to ward.

I actually still have a voucher for a massage from my birthday that I might use some time next week as a treat. And I've mentioned the Thai restaurant to my hubbie that we still haven't visited yet... Maybe he'll take the hint! Yes, treats are needed over the next 12 days x