MRI today

Just an update, and some info on the scan as I know Tracey is due hers. The MRI was fine - noisy, but ok. I had my head outside the machine so it wasn’t as claustrophobic as I’d feared. I took a Miranda Hart comedy cd to listen to, as music is a bit emotional for me at the moment - emotions running wild and all that! The radiographers (is that what they are?) could hear the cd and afterwards admitted they’d had quite a giggle. I hadn’t realised they were listening in, and it’s a bit rude in places (she weighs her breasts at one point). Hey ho, it lifted the mood. I did have a canular in my arm so I could have a dose of buscopan - stops the bowels moving apparently. Taking the sticky plaster off afterwards was the worst bit and I didn’t notice any effects from the buscopan.

So, then a 2 hour wait for the consultant. She was lovely, efficient, honest and very clear. Good news is…provisionally staged 1b1 by biopsy and the MRI. The MRI showed no spread and no lymph node involvement. My legs were wobbly with relief at this point! Apparently the symptoms I’ve had the past 2 weeks were my brain in overload. Now waiting for PET, EUA and chest X-ray. So long as they don’t throw a spanner in the works it’ll be radical hysterectomy on 13th September, probably conserving ovaries for a natural menopause.

Tomorrow I’ll be panicking again about symptoms and surgery, but for this evening I’m basking in the relief that it’s looking ok.

Anne x

Hey Anne, 

glad all went well today,well you know what I mean. The last time I had an mri for my back,i gave them my cd but never heard it yet as they hadnt turned it up lol. I better not take comedy as I am an awful giggler.  

how are you feeling about hysterectomy? To be honest thats what I am praying for. i got a letter this afternoon telling me that my ct scan is now on wednesday,so its just mri tomorrow. i dont think I am being told results until thursday after mdt. Its funny how different areas of the nhs work eh?

so now you can do a kind of happy dance snd relax tonight (well the best you can). 

Tracey xxx

I'm fine with hysterectomy - not to say I won't start panicking ahead of it mind! Both my sisters and my mum have had hysterectomies, so I have a wealth of advice to draw on. Also, logistically it's easier for us as a family to have me at home and resting up, rather than trying to juggle the kids, a business and trips to the hospital for regular radiotherapy/chemo. That said, I'd take whatever and we'd manage whatever, just to get it out of me! I did find it really cold in the MRI room and had to be given a blanket as I was shivering - I'd assumed, like most places in a hospital, it'd be really warm so didn't wrap up much. Forgot to say, the consultant cleared up the squamous/adeno muddle I'd been in. It is adenocarcenoma, not a mix of types, and so is slightly higher up, but is on the surface. 

Good luck tomorrow, Michelle - let me know how you get on, I'll be thinking about you.

Anne x

Oh I am glad you got that cleared up at last. 

Like you the logistics of going to Edinburgh would be a nightmare,but of course I will get on with it if need be. 

Its good that you have family who can tell you what to expect as well. So no back to school in September for you then?

Tracey xxx

No, I'll have to ring my manager tomorrow. We were supposed to be on holiday in Kircudbright next week - we've put it off until October, although I think that might be optimistic recovery wise. To be honest the kids are hoping the later we leave it the more likely we'll see snow...we never get any in Cornwall, so it'll be a novelty. My husband was born in Leith - sorry, got sidetracked when you mentioned Edinburgh. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you tomorrow.

Anne x

Hello Anne 

isnt it great to take a deep breath!! You will be exhaling for awhile. Yes our brains control soo much that it is almost scary. I'm so happy that everything seems to be going in the right direction. 

Right now enjoy and try not to worry too much. Get yourself prepared for surgery and clarify your mind. you still have a journey ahead but at least you know what it is. Keep us posted on your journey. 


Hang off till late November,then you might just catch some snow haha. You will be needing a wee holiday by the time this is all sorted out. 

We are across the bridge from Edinburgh, in Fife. Kind of nearer St Andrews. It's a fair drive into the city, especially with diversions due to building the new bridge.

i was just showing my hubby your post,and he says that's the result I want, so fingers crossed. We too have a weekend break booked the end of this month,hoping we can still get away with it. We are going to Washington DC to a concert, so fingers crossed. Although, I know that this time I am more important. 

So does your hubby still have his Scottish accent?

Tracey x


Ha ha, no he moved down when he was a toddler so has a Cornish accent rather than a Scottish one. Washington DC sounds exciting - fingers crossed its still doable. Who are you hoping to see? Best wishes for the result you want - I know everyone has said this, but I now know it to be does all seem so much more doable once you've seen a consultant and have at least some sort of plan. 

Thanks Lolli, I hope you have an ok week with treatment this week. 

Anne x

Hey Anne! :-)

Great news! Enjoy the feeling of relief! Happy dance :-)

Be lucky :-)

good morning Anne

I am feeling much more positive today,you really gave me a boost yesterday. 

Hoping to see Bruce Springsteen(my absolute hero). We saw him in Glasgow in June,and Rome last month. Seems like we stalk him eh? Well maybe kind off haha. 

Fingers and toes crossed.

Tracey x

Great news! Thanks for the update :) x

Hi Anne,


So your an adeniocarcenoma girl like me then! Mine was slightly higher up like yours, we will be having our hysterectomys round about the same time!

I'm on the fence about my ovaries!? part of me wants them out as its one less thing to worry about but the other says keep them due to the menopause, risk of osteoarthriti, heart disease etc!? How do you feel about them?! 

Hope your coping ok!! Xxx

Much better today than yesterday while waiting for results, thanks Michelle. I told the consultant I'd be happy to lose my ovaries if she wanted to remove them. She said she had no good reason to at the moment, so would rather not - she also explained about the different materials everything down there is made of, and how the cancer cells move around - couldn't really explain, as my brain was still in the 1b1!!!! state of relief. I have one sister who had a radical hysterectomy including ovaries, she had HRT for a year and is ok and doesn't regret it - although she had an awful time with hormones beforehand, so that's probably why she was glad to be rid of them! My other sister had a simple hysterectomy but kept her ovaries - she is happy she did, as she felt her hormones and sex drive remained stable (as they had been pre-op I think she means), although 10 years on she is now in the menopause and having a difficult time. Personally, at 41 and going on family history, I don't expect menopause is very far off for me - but that's just me and according to the consultant, not a good enough reason to remove any healthy stuff. Sorry, not much help - just anecdotes.

Anne xx

Hi ladies:

I'm an adenocarcinoma girl too. I had a simple hysterectomy and kept my ovaries, although I am post menopausal. Apparently, throughout our lives, ovaries secrete stuff that acts in a protective way that can help us against the big health problems like stroke and heart disease.  Cervical cancer is not linked to ovarian cancer ,unlike the link between breast and ovarian cancer. My doctor said that my risk of ovarian cancer remained the same as it had been and wasn't impacted by my CC. She recommended keeping my ovaries, so I did.

love t x