Today's appointment

Hi all

So today was my dreaded appointment that has had me panicking for here's how it MRI came back clear and I have to go for a CT on Thursday as for some reason I didn't have one of those and I thought I still no staging yet but my consultant seemed confident that it's not anymore sinister that originally thought but obviously she can't be 100% until CT results are in.

i also have a date for my hysterectomy which will be on 10th november.....I feel so much more positive after today's appointment and now a treat plan has been put into place, I may need further treatment but won't know till after the op!! 

You ladies were so right when you said I'd feel more positive after today, thank you for your kind words and doubt I'll have more bad days to come but for now I'm happy that things are moving along quickly!!

loya of love 

Kelly x

I have been checking this forum all night waiting for you to post! So so pleased for you. Bet you feel like the dark cloud has lifted. Not long to wait until your op either. You'll soon be on the road to recovery!


Thank you Kelly your concern has touched me , so nice to know ladies who are feeling the same as me!!

i do feel a little bit relieved to be ho but I also know they'll be plenty more dark days , but like I said for now I feel like a weight has been lifted!! 

Love kelly x

That's brilliant news. 

onwards and upwards! 

That's really good, I was told on the phone by my nurse the expected treatment plan but it will be discussed on the 5th but I was like u it made me feel positive and geared me up for fighting this damn thing. 

Glad things went as well as It could and ur feeling better about things. 

Nicola x 

Great news! And fantastic that you already have the date for your hysterectomy and it's so soon. Try to take one day at a time now and hang on to the positive feeling, your op will be finished before you know it! 

xx Anna

Such wonderful news!!!  So very pleased for you.  And lots of people only have MRI's for staging so I imagine the CT is just a formality!!  Now time to get yourself as fit and healthy as possible for the op....and stay as relaxed as possible.  xxxx  

Good luck today Mel x