MRI last night, feeling worse again

I was diagnosed early this week and given a preliminary staging after biopsy from LLETZ came back positive for cc.

A cancellation came up for MRI 2 days later and I took it, I tried to go in positively and even made a couple of jokes to the team prepping me, I was nervous but not the wreck I’ve been all week.

After exiting the machine and getting my stuff from the locker one of the team came to me with what can only be described as a look of absolute pity, because of this I can’t remember the interaction much and have now been left feeling like I’ve got worse news to come and a good long wait for it too.

Was initially told my MRI and CT would be this week, early next and MDT would be next Thursday. Just found out the CT is next Thurs Eve so no MDT until the week after that.

Back to not eating and I’ve not really slept all night, so much for getting the rest I need.

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I can totally relate to your post. I had a phone call on 19 December and the nurse told me the results of the lletz showed I had cc I would need mri and chest X-ray my local hospital call at 9 am the next morning and was all done by 3 o’clock I had a similar thing with my mri I laid in the scanner convinced I was riddled with cancer ( I was very over due for my smear) and thought this would be the pay back the guy got me out of the machine and I thought he looked at me with pity ended up sobbing in the car convinced this was it. Due to Christmas and new year mdt meeting weren’t happening had to wait till the 9 th which was unbearable. My nurse called Monday it is stage 1 very small cc and recommend hysterectomy I have a consultation on Tuesday with the surgeon.
I’d not eaten probably for weeks and lost a stone in weight. I read on here waiting for the results is the hardest thing and it totally is I feel better now I know what is going on as it’s been so vague with the information I’ve been given from the hospital. Sending you so many positive thoughts your not alone in this site has been invaluable over the last few weeks xx

I’m so sorry you are also going through this, but glad you have some answers and a plan, that must be some kind of relief finally.

Thanks for your reply, I have been told I need to keep my weight stable but am barely eating which is not helping matters. Finally managed breakfast yesterday and some dinner and then that. I feel even worse than before

It’s horrible not being able to eat. I’ve lived off smoothies for breakfast salad for lunch and soup for dinner that’s about all I could keep stomach.

Hi Zzzaaacc1

I had problems with not being able to eat and started to lose a lot of weight, during treatment in my case. I suggest letting your CNS know. I was referred to a dietitian who prescribed me with nutritional drinks which I found fairly easy to get down - just one small bottle contained a few hundred calories.


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