Diagnosed This Week

Hi, I was told last Monday that I had CC. The shock was awful as I guess everyones is.  The consultant said I had stage 1b1 - is this possible to tell before the MRI?  I have my MRI on Monday and must admit I'm pretty scared as I'm claustrophobic.  My GP has given me 3 2mg diazepam so I'm hoping they work!

The consultant did mention a hysterectomy so I'm hoping it doesn't get any worse than that.  I'm not great with hospitals and just want to get this sorted.  I was told last Monday the op would probably be about 4 weeks as the surgeon was on holiday for 2 weeks and was fully booked for the 2 weeks after that.  Yes, the waiting is awful as everyone else says.

Discovered this website when I was going for the colposcopy and think the advice and support is wonderful.  Have a feeling I shall be using it a lot.  Would be grateful for any advice and support sent my way!

Must have pressed something twice as it is showing twice.  So sorry, I'm new to this and very, very nervous.

Hi Cheryl,

I'm so sorry you too have been diagnosed.  I was also stage 1b1 and they were able to tell this before the MRI, though the MRI will confirm this.

Don't be too alarmed about the MRI scan.  You really are not in there for very long.  I know being claustrophobic will make you nevous but the  diazepam will really relax you. 

Waiting really is the most stressful part of this whole process.  Sometimes the fear of the unknown is worse than the actual reality.  For me, having my treatment plan helped me focus and get on with getting rid of the dreaded cancer.

I had my surgery on the 11th July this year and really feel I'm out the other side.  So, you will get through this.  We will all be here to offer you advice and support along the way.

Take care,

Tess xxx


Hello Cheryl

sorry to hear you've got CC. It's very frightening at first, I was so devastated when I was diagnosed back in October 2012.  As time has gone on, and I've had all the treatment, I've settled down to the reality of my situation.  

The MRI is not too bad as  they only push you in as far as the pelvic area so your face will probably just be  staring at  the entrance if you like,  It can be a bit noisy - it makes a clicking sound, so they may well give you earplugs! The diazepam will help, I was given a much lower dose than you and I was fine.

If you do have to have a hysterectomy -  it may well be keyhole and recovery for me at least was quite quick, I was out of hospital in less than a week and I had a radical hysterectomy which is a bigger op than a standard hysterectomy.

I've been through the full range of treatment as have a lot of ladies on here, so if there's anything else you want to ask, feel free. You can also send a personal message if you'd prefer a one to one contact.





Thank you so much for this - I was quite tearful when I saw I'd had 2 replies already and it certainly helps to know I have people supporting me.  What was said was reassurring and has given me a bit more confidence to face the next part.

Hi Cheryl

i'm sorry that you're here on this site, i remember when i was first diagnosed and how scared i was.  i was also told that i was 1b1 prior to my MRI and it stayed that way.  

like others have stated, the MRI is not so scary its just the waiting around really.  i too had to wait around for doctors holidays and then i decided to go and take a holiday myself before the surgery! Which i'm glad i did now.

initially i also wanted it treated and taken out as soon as possible but in the end it was around 6 weeks from diagnosis to surgery.  One of the first things my consultant said to me was that we know about this and we have time to decide on a treatment plan,  this cancer is slow growing so surgery doesn't need to be rushed.  its just the mental anguish we as patients have to deal with.

take care 


Hi Cheryl

it's all just poo at the moment, isn't it? This website is helpful though, just reading about everyone else's experiences casts a little light on what to expect next that you cannot read in any clinical information book. I have my MRI on Wednesday but have not been told what stage they think my cancer is at so I am really dreading it. I keep thinking the worst and convincing myself I have pains, etc in my abdomen- weird how our minds can work! MRI will be fine, I had one last year after a suspected mini stroke (yes, a bit of bad luck the past 12 months really! So many horrible tests and scans then too!) and it really was just very noisy but fine, doesn't last that long and nurses can communicate with you throughout. Take some music along and close your eyes- they should let you take your own CD to have played through the head phones. Let us know how Monday goes. Fingers crossed for you Donna

Thank you so much for your posts, they really are helping.  Had a few wobble moments today and ended up having a good cry.  Unfortunately hubby is a softy, he looked distraught and ended up having to sit on the loo!!

Will keep my fingers crossed for you too Donna, hope yours goes well on Wed and really hope it is a good result.

Hi Cheryl

I had my MRI last Friday and it went well - as someone else mentioned, as they usually do your abdomen and chest your head sort of pokes out the end of the tube so it's not as claustrophobic as you might imagine. I found it helpful to count the songs that were playing in the headphones to help me gauge how much time I'd been in there!

When I got my diagnosis the doctor told me it was stage 1, but didn't give me any more info than that, then my clinical nurse specialist rang me after my MRI had been reviewed and said it was in "very early stages". I feel very much like I was diagnosed then left to figure the rest out myself, and I've been the one chasing things up. My clinical nurse specialist has been brilliant though, if you haven't already contacted yours I'd definitely advise it if you or your friends/family have any questions.


Good luck with everything x

Dear All

Back at home now after my MRI.  It was better than I thought it would be - the first part was for the pelvic area and my head was just out of the tunnel for that.  Hubby was allowed in the room with me and he stroked my shoulder to reassure me.  Then for the abdomen part I had to go a little further in but I could still see the ceiling if I tilted my head back slightly. The two people doing it were absolutely wonderful, very kind and understanding.

Bumped into my consultant on the way out and he said the op may be done on the 24th, sooner than expected.  Pleased in one way to get it out of the way but in another way would have liked another week to get my head sorted, feel in such a whirl.


Hey Cheryl,

Well done for getting through the MRI.  I'm glad it wasn't as bad as you thought it might be.  Once your consultant has your full results they will be able to discuss and decide your treatment plan.

It all moves quickly from diagnosis to treatment and then to cure so I undertand what you mean about being in a whirl.  Once I had my surgery date I used the time to be super organised so I didn't have to worry about anything after surgery.  For example, cooking for the freezer, getting up to date on housework, paying bills and also having some fun stuff planned! 

You are one more step ahead in beating this!  So well done.

Take care,

Tess xx



So so pleased for you that u got through it with ur hubby alongside side (my guy is being fab too). Great to hear surgery is looking to be soon as well! The sooner the better, eh?

Keep posting and let us know. My MRI Wednesday am and first consultant meeting in Nottingham in pm. Fingers crossed is early stages...

Hugs x