Mother of recently stage 2 diagnosed daughter

My daughter has just started this journey and she is coping ( I think, swan on the top & paddling like hell underneath comes to mind . )We are a tight knit family with extremely supportive siblings as well as my ( civil) partner.
As mum I feel everyone is looking to me but I’m anxious that I say and do the right thing for all of them.
I too feel like the proverbial swan and my babies need me.
Any hints & tips will be welcome.


I think that to be there for your daughter and support her physically and emotionally is all that matters. Just let her make her own decisions about her treatment. I know it might be frustrated as all mothers believe they know best… but it is her own body and her own life. Your daughter will need to take a lot in with the treatment and the least she wants is to disagree or disappoint her own mother. It is a difficult journey but she will make it! I was diagnosed with 2b and I am NED for almost 2 years. It will be difficult to see her deteriorate during her treatment but it will be only for a short period for time. Be strong and all the best for her treatment!



Thanks for your help, I agree about seeing her going through the treatment. I am very positive she will be ok, but I have an ( anxious ) rough idea what she may go through. Your thoughts are appreciated.

My advice would be just be there. Taking care of the practical side of things so she can just rest.
Just being quietly present if that makes sense. Something ive really struggled with was other peoples opinions. Even with my own family who I love dearly. Her feelings will be super sensitive. I would read reactions, looks and comments and completly overreacted sometimes.
Keep that positivity and find little things to giggle at if you can. Especially during treatment and hospital appointmets etc- I used to people watch to amuse myself lol.


I agree with @Shammy716. What helped me the most were the people who just came and helped with food, meals for the rest of the family, drove me to appointments - I was very unwell during treatment and was in no state to drive or do much other than rest. It’s so hard to ask for help, even if you need it. My sister made me banana bread and a friend made pumpkin muffins because I couldn’t eat much else. I didn’t have to ask. If your daughter has children she might appreciate someone taking them out every now and then to get their minds on other things. It was a hard time for our teenage son.

You are such a wonderful mom for asking.