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hello all


im new here. i found out a few wees ago that i have cc stage 2b. im starting chemo and radiotherapy on the 21st sept but am having trouble sleeping and acting normal at the moment through sheer terror of it all. im a 27 year old full time mum to 2 girls. we have decided not to tell them anything as my eldest worries a lot about anyone being poorly and is fully aware what cancer is. my main fear is obviously that i will not make it. im a very positive person and have drastically changed my diet since finding out but when researching cc i came across a statement that said 58% of people diagnosed with 2b survive. this absolutely terrified me. i thought because of my age and stage i had a lot better chance than this. is there anything anyone can recommend to put my mind at rest?


Hi Flossie 

im so sorry to hear what your going through! I was told two weeks ago that I also have cc I've been told I'm stage 1b but have to wait till Monday till my scan results to confirm stage! I also have teo children and I'm terrified my stage will be higher than what they first thought! The thought of not being here for my kids is destroying me!! As I am also new on here I don't really have much I can tell you but there will be some lovely people along soon with wise and kind words to help you! All I can say is stay strong, cry when you have to and give your kids lots of lovely cuddles! My kids are A bit older so I guess at some stage i will have to tell them...this breaks my heart! 

Take Care.....Love & Hugs



hi, just wanted to post to offer my support. I was diagnosed with stage 1a2 3 weeks ago. Just waiting for my consultants appointment next week. I am a single mum of a boy aged 9 and daughter aged 5...my ten year marriage ended a year ago and my ex husband has no contact (his choice) with the kids so my first thought when diagnosed was my children.

Hopefully ladies with similar staging to you will be along soon to offer advice...one thing i will say though is that I have read lots of positive stories on this forum for stage 2 like yourself.

I would be very careful with statistics...this is an average over a large number of cases. This does not take into account the specifics of each patient - factors such as age like you said. Do not let statistics dampen your positivity. 

I wish you the very best of luck. I suggest you use this forum as your outlet rather than any other. There are lots of supportive women on here. Lots of love xxx

Hi Flossie I have finished all my treatment for stage 2b i have just had my first 3 month check up and thay told me I am cancer free and my cervix looks healthy so am on 4 monthly check ups now I was fine with the treatment if you would like to ask me anything pm me Hun good luck xxx

Hello Flossie :-)

So sorry to hear your diagnosis. I was also diagnosed with 2b almost four years ago. I had a radical hysterectomy followed by 5 chemo, 25 radio and 2 brachy, and I'm still around very healthy and telling everyone all about it :-) I too was terrified when I read that 58% score but do please try to put it to the back of your mind. That is 58% after five years yes? The remaining 42% who do not return to see their oncologist after five years includes a whole host of reasons for failing to turn up. Yes including people who have died, but also including people who have moved away, people who know that they are completely well and simply can't be bothered with follow up. What you need to bear in mind, and this is very, very important, is that statistics are statistics and you are you. Those statistics have been collected from other people who are not you and have not a shred of bearing on how well you will respond to treatment. It's just the same as if 58% of people vote this and 42% of people vote that will that alter how you vote? No, of course it won't.

You will probably find the chemo rads quite tiring, and stress is tiring as well. I think that there is a high chance your kids will notice a difference and you probably need to have an explanation at the ready. Probably better if it is the truth because when a child finds out later that their parents have been lying to them it can have a devastating effect on their perspective about everything, so do please tread very carefully indeed.

And yes, you are only 27, so that will be to your advantage. Some of the people in that 58% were in their nineties and not expected to live another five years even without cancer.

Be lucky :-)
Heaps of love

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Hi Flossie,

like the other lovely ladies, I am so sorry to hear of your situation. I was diagnosed with 2B CC at the beginning of April, and was devastated and thought my whole world was caving in. Without any doubt, the best uplift and reassurances since then have been from the fantastic ladies on this site giving all their helpfull advice and support. Also once your treatment starts, like me you will meet other ladies in the same situation, and you will support each other along the way. 

If you have any questions, or want to share your worries and feelings, please don't hesitate to keep in touch or P.M. 

Good luck and Big Hugs xxx

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Hello. I just wanted to say hi. Sorry about your diagnosis. I wouldn't listen too much to the stats. I'm a stage 4a and have been given the all clear. Treatment is not as scary as you think. The quicker it starts the faster it will finish. I did 28 external radiation.  5 chemo. 3 brachy. Good luck x

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