Moderate smear but Lletz said CIN 3

Does this mean it progressed from 2 - 3 that quick?

cin 2 Jan 8th smear to CIN 3 on Jan 24th Lletz? 

It's been removed which iI should feel relieved but my last smear three years ago was normal and to have CIN 3 now shocked me.

I recieved my results through the post today and my results came back cin2 and cin3. My smear said moderate (cin2). I have to go back in 6 months. I think a smear picked up my cin2 and missed my cin3. I am very lucky i had a smear when i did. I never had one and when i did book one i was nearly 6 years overdue. I dont know what made think to book a smear but if i left it any longer it could of been a different outcome. 

I have a similar issue , I had a Pap smear and it showed CIN 1 and than a week later I had a colospy and it showed CIN 3. I’m very confused that it happened that quickly. I know have a LEEP scheduled.

I'm somewhat similar. Last year at Colposcopy I had "low grade changes only", at my smear in Dec I had high grade (moderate) and at Colposcopy he said it looked like CIN 2-3. Waiting my results still. X