mind (almost) made up!!! - HELP

Well i had meeting with oncologist yesterday... went in thinking i'd just say no to further treatment and count myself lucky i had got away with just surgery! But when she went into detail about pathology (3.5-4cm grade 3 poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma with lots of lymphovascular invasion and greater than 50% stromal invasion) i started to change my mind!!! suddenly all the things i knew where not good and high risk factors for recurrence, were on the page infront of me! even though margins were totally clear and no lymph node involvement i cant help but think i need to do something more about this to try and stop it coming back???   however really scared about all the potential side effects of the radio and chemo!!!   HELP ME LADIES.........


Ultimately the chocie is yours, I had every side effect but I decided to throw everything at it, and would do it all again.  I wanted personally to know that I had done everything in my power to stop it interferring in my life again.  Im not going to lie I had some horrible side effects but I met a lot of people who hardly had any.  Your 27 if I was you I would nail it once and for all.

Love Emma xx

Thank you emma! its good to speak to someone who has been through it! just think will worry 'what if' too much if try to do as much as can now! another worry is fact that surgeon kept my ovaries in because want me going through menopause - now will and they will still be in there. just want them gone too! a big chicken to be honest and the thought of pain/sickness is awful but think just need to bite the bullet and get on with it!x

Hello Lynnie - I was diagnosed initially stage 1b, then went on to have rad. hist last December.  I elected to have ovaries out as I'm 52 & past thr menopause & I thought the less that's in there the less there is to get cancer!  

After surgery, when they analysed  what they had taken away, they found it had spread to the ovaries.  I was then restaged at 4.  I've been through chemo, radio, & brachy.

I would go through it all again if I thought it would give me a fighting chance - I so want to live.

Don't fear the treatment - see it as a weapon that you are weilding against this disease. Turn a negative into a positive, believe that you are actively doing something to get rid of this thing.  This is what helped me cope, hope you can find your way of  coping.


Sending you a hug,




Well said Bogeywoman (symbols are annoying, its happening to me).  I had my ovaries removed the surgeon wanted to keep mine I said no, get rid.  They call this treatment belts and braces. My treatment ended last thursday and I am starting to feel normal again.  Bogeywoman is right  your half way there its a weapon and is very effective xx

Hi sweetie only you can decide as the ladies have said I also opted for ovaries to be removed and started chemo/rads this time last year yes it was the hardest thing I have ever done I did struggle alot BUT would I do it again hell yes I wanted to make sure I had given it everything I had. Some people who had treatment sailed through with no problems at all so try not to make your desision based on the fear of side effects as you may be fine x 

thank you girls - yes know may now have al the side effects but d just guess that with the surgery would mke hem worse! think will speak with surheon aain to hear his views but think too much of a worrier not to do it and give it everything have! x

Hi Lynnie,


Get on and complete the treatment - you are young and strong and will bounce back quickly.  Do not leave anything to chance!


Belt and braces time.


All the best.