help, another decision!!!ewe

Well results.back and theres no spread to lymph.noes or surrounding tissue. However the tumor was growing in the blood vessels and an aggressive grade so they have said I can have radiation and chemotherapy as they found some cells. That said they have told me its my choice .....anyone else had to decided like this, I feel so crappy..

Hello there, I don't know why doctors leave the decision to the patients, they should guide & advise you of your best  treatment.  Mine certainly did.  After all they are the  experts, how would I have known the best treatment plan for me? and how are you to know what's best for you? I think this is causing a lot of worry & panic among ladies on here as I've seen this a few times on other posts.  If you should see them again,  I'd push them to  tell you what treatment they recommend.  It is a good sign that it's not in the lymph nodes, that's a positive.  I still can't believe they've said it's your choice!! 

Hi Lbooker.

The doctors should give you more direction but if it were me I'd take the Radio and Chemo offered.

Thanks for the replies, im going to have the treatment offered, just really thought I would have been given all clear today. Xx

Hey, really glad nodes are clear and surrounding tissue also! I was sort of in same position as you, nodes clear and also clear margins but poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma with the little vessels too so I was offered treatment after surgery too! Surgeons were sayin ok didn't need it but oncologists sayin I did! Spent horrible last 4weeks tormented trying to make decision and couldn't so I asked for a second opinion! Got second and third opinion and have been advised to take the treatment so have now settled to do this, but it was an awful time and an awful situation to be in :( no one can make the decision only you but it is very hard when they leave it up to you! X

Yes its so hard. I have decided to take the treatment as i think I would not be able to live with myself thinking I wish …seeing docs 16th as they want to do more tests …

Hi, sorry ur having to face making this decision yourself!! I had to as well, had cc1B, tumour was confined to cervix only, & doctor gave me the choice between radiation & chemotheraphy, or surgery! I did lots of reading (not just blind google), & consulted with a doctor friend of mine in South Africa- I chose surgery as it seemed the best for my diagnosis/ Am 2 wks post op 2morrow, so we'll see. Thank God lymph nodes tested negative & margins were clear! All the best, if I'm able to help just let me know x