Mentally exhausted...

Hi everyone, 

Let's start with a little back history. I am currently 31. In 2012 I had my first abnormal pap and was told I tested positive for HPV 16 which led me to have a Leep procedure due to CIN 2-3. Fortunately we got clear margins, but for the next few years after every 6 months of appointments my HPV would not go away and I kept dealing with abnormal paps and multiple colposcopies. Last year I had my first Pap come back instantly hgsil which was by far the worst result they had received over the years. I then went in for a second Leep procedure where she ended up doing a top hat. We did get negative margins from that procedure as well. I thought this was the end! My 6 month appointment post-surgery came back ascus HPV positive, we waited another six months. Last week my Pap result came back ascus HPV positive again. I just had another colposcopy, she took a biopsy and proceeded with an endocervical curette. So here I am waiting on the results. I honestly have no idea what those results could possibly be. I'm frustrated, anxious and sad. I'm at the point in this journey that a hysterectomy is the next step if cin2-3 are present again. I'm just curious if anybody had developed cin2-3 after a second Leep procedure. I'm just lost and frustrated. Not only is it physically draining, but it's starting to take a toll mentally.

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Hi Albrown ,
I hope all is well with you . Have you got the results back ?
I had abnormal cells early this year and later told hpv and hsil. So March did lletz underGa, no clear Margins but my gyno insisted he did a lot of burning after treatment so to not worry and wait for test of cure . So did the test of cure 3 weeks ago ( different types of biospies ( endocurrete something + cervical biopsy)and colposcopy and the day before yesterday got the results that all is clear nothing found . I asked the gyn about hpv vaccine but he adviced against since am 37 :thinking:. So how about re- infection from my partner ? Sorry for long story but thought it might be helpful . Am also concerned what if my partner still has hpv ? I think more research need to be done about hpv because it’s us women suffering with worry . May God help us .

Hello my gynecologist advised about getting the vaccine. She said it can sometimes help making your inmune system switched on for HPV fighting lol. it will protect you from other types of HPV .Since then I
have spoken to a few doctors about it and all agreed is a good idea to get it. I am 43 so age is not the issue.

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That’s a relief to hear , which type are you planing on getting ? I will get it too

Gardasil 9 .is the name of the vaccine
I had 2 shots already 3 one in a couple of weeks.