Lymph Fluid?



Hi all


I am 17 months post Hysterectomy and have Lymphedema which I was recently informed has gone up to grade 2

I was in a little bit of discomfort with my legs last night so I gave them a thorough massage,

During the night I was woken to what I can only describe as the sensation of wetting the bed :-(

Horrified I ran to the bathroom, 

This morning I have phoned my nurse (who is not available) however, a nurse from another team suggested it sounded a little more

like lymph fluid leakage.

She suggested I ring my lymphedema nurse (she is not at work today) so, I just wondered if anyone has experienced anything similar

as I would dread to think this is to be a regular occurrence.

Many Thanks ;-)   X

Hi. My situation is different to yours as I haven't had lymphodema but I did have lymph fluid leakage for about three weeks after my hysterectomy. I was worried that I was leaking urine so the doctor sent a urine sample along with a sample of the fluid to rule this out. Hopefully yours was just a one off. I'm sure your lymphodema nurse will be able to help you more x

Well, thank you for your reply,

Judging bynthe lack of response it seems it can't be that common a problem!

Hope it is a one off:-)  xx  

I think that lymphodema is more common than the fluid leakage. Hope you get to the bottom of it.

Cara x x

:-)  xxx