bladder problems anyone?



not sure if this will reach anyone or get any replies but I don't seem to see any topics for my current problem

I've had a radical hysterectomy 05/12/12 for stage 1B1 cc.  

I'm currently at home recovering and having to catheterise myself after each attempt to pass urine.  For several days after surgery I was unable to pass any urine at all and had to use catheter regularly. Currently, I'm managing to pass a little urine - less than 100mls then have to catheterise to empty the bladder. 

I just wondered what other ladies experiences have been of this - as I say I've not seen it mentioned on here unless I've missed it.

I have a follow up appointment on 21/12/12 to get results of the biopsy on the lymph nodes.


June 2011 smear - cell changes

Dec. 2011 smear - cell changes - 6 months local HRT

June 2012 smear - abnormal cells

October 2012 - Colposcopy - Cancer found

November 2012 - MRI - stage 1B1

November 2012 - EUA told Radical Hyst. req'd

05/12/12 - Radical Hysterectomy,lymph nodes & ovaries removed

21/12/12 - review appointment date & results of lymph node biopsy


Hi there, sorry to hear you are having so much trouble after your op.

I don’t have direct experience of what you are going through exactly, but this week I had lymph node removal and dissection of the bladder and cervix and have had post op problems with excessive fluid leakage - sort of the opposite of your problem.

All I wanted to say was that this sound like a post op condition that you should get checked out. I’d suggest calling your gynaeoncology surgical ward for advice.

I struggled on for a couple of days leaking 100mls fluid an hour from my belly before I managed to get help from my community nurse (I.e. district nurse). She helped get me in contact with my surgeon who is going to use his puncture repair kit on me tomorrow. It was really reassuring to have her fix me up with a temporary bag and tell me that while this isn’t unusual, it isn’t something I have to just put up with. Obvious really but we aren’t always thinking clearly post op, are we?

Best of luck to you - hope you are free flowing soon :wink: x


I think this is quite common following radical hyst. During surgery the nerves to your bladder can get bruised and recovery can take time. I was discharged from hospital self-catheterising and continued to do so for two weeks. I had a direct telephne number to one of the nurses on the ward I was treated on, who talked me through managing the whole process.

You will hopefully find you improve day by day. A good tip a nurse gave me is when you are trying to pass urine and feel like you are done, wait 12 seconds then either rock your pelvis back and forward, or have a good cough. Both of these will help you pass any residual urine.

It might help you to know that I was back to normal after about a month and am fine now. The other thing to be aware of is infections, which can slow up your recovery too.

Take care, hope things get better for you soon.


Lots of love

Louise xx

Rosehip I am having the same problems, what will the surgeon do for you?  At the moment I am just wearing the most heavy duty pads I can find and changin them regularly, it feels horrible! I am 6 days post op.  


bogeywoman I really hope your get sorted out, I imagine not being able to go must be even more frustrating than not being able to stop!! 

He wasn’t a great deal of help in the end - basically offered to either glue my drain hole shut or fit me with a better, easier to empty drain bag. I decided on the second option on the ’ better out than in’ principle and, although I had another 24 hours of massive leakage, it did stop on it’s own last night.

I really don’t think they realise how distressing it is to have this after surgery - I really wish I had been advised to buy a plastic undersheet or something, my lovely matress is all stained now. :frowning: