Bladder problems 6 days post trachelectomy

Hi ladies, I am wondering if anyone else out there has experienced bladder probs post op? I had my radical trachelectomy and lymph node removal last wed. Since I've got home and been up and about more I have been leaking when I walk or stand up.  It's fairly frequent and sometimes quite heavy.  To try and make sure it doesn't happen I am going to the toilet regularly, it doesn't seem to make any difference, even my best pelvic floor clench won't stop it happening.  Am I going to stuck with this? Help!! 

Hey Lou,

I had lymph nodes removed 8 days ago - I had a huge amount of lymph leakage and was dribbling 100mls an hour for quite a long time. That’s a couple of litres a day and I did start to feel a bit dehydrated at one point.

Because of what I had had done, my leakage was from a drain hole in my belly, but my nurse did say that if I had had my cervix removed, the leakage would have been through my vagina and that a lot of patients think they are leaking urine because the fluid is clear and yellow, but it isn’t the same thing (the lymph stuff doesn’t smell of anything, for one thing).

It’s also coming out of a different route to wee so your pelvic floor squeezes won’t help. Neither will trying to push it out and you don’t want to put too much strain on your bladder etc.

I got very dirstressed and very worried about the leakage - trying to sleep without waking up in a puddle was impossible and I think I soaked through every towel in the house. I had a bag fitted by the district nurge in the end (but my case was different to yours). All I can tell you is that it did stop on its own, quite suddenly, last night.

Stick with it, it will pass. When I contacted the surgical unit for reassurance, my surgeon was pretty dismissive about it as a normal short term side effect of surgery but it is very upsetting, particulalrly with all of the fears we are juggling.

Best of luck to you x

I'm having this problem. I'm 5 days post op and my drain incision is still leaking as well as severe leaking from down below which has only started today.