Low grade abnormal cells?

Morning everyone, hope you're all ok. Brief background:

I'm 23 and was noticing spotting after intercourse, and slight discomfort. So I went to my GP who had a look and said she can see some cervical ectropian, and referred me to my local colposcopy clinic where I've been this morning.


The lady used some liquid on my cervix which turned some of it white, she then said she needs biopsies so took 2 and cauterized etc.


Afterwards, she said she thinks I'll have low grade abnormal cells and said i'll stay under her care and she'll see me in 6 months, do a smear test (she couldn't today as I'm on my period), and another colposcopy. I'm quite worried, can anyone explain what this means? Sorry if I sound silly, and I know people have a lot worse, I just didn't expect that to be honest.


Thank you XX

Hey! Sorry you're going through this. Just know it's very common and try to not stress too much! I know it's super scary to be caught off guard...I've been there! My pap came back as "ASCUS" which is basically between normal and abnormal. Very common and no reason at all to worry (my GP's words). Off to get a colposcopy. During my colposcopy, the doctor also took two biopsies. She said she believed the biopsies would come back as "low grade" as the areas didnt look bad at all. She said she didn't see anything concerning.  But really, the pathology results from the biopsy will tell  you a lot more than she's able to from just looking. 

My pathology actually came as back as Moderate (Cin 2) so a little worse than that the doctor had intially thought during the colposcopy. We decided to get the leep done to remove the cells. The pathology results fromthe Leep actually came back as Severe (cin 3!!) but the margins were clear so they got it all. I just go back in 6 months to the colposcopy clinic where the doctor will do another smear and a biopsy if they see any new abnormal cells. Crazy that my pap showed something so minor but I actually had severe dysplasia! 

If your biopsy results come back as "low grade", it's normal to have a follow up in 6 months as it's common that low grade abnormalities will go away on their own during that time. Often, no treatment is needed. IF they don't go away at 6 months, you can decide at that point what you want to do. Continue the "wait and see" or have them removed. If the colposcopy results come back as "moderate or severe" you'll probably want to get the Leep done. It's highly effective and the large majority of women will need no further treatments after the leep :) 

Oh wow Marie. You poor thing, what a rollercoaster! I can't believe that, I bet you were so confused. How was the treatment, did you find it painful atall? 

I feel like these 5 weeks are going to be a long 5 weeks, I am such a worry pot myself and already have been feeling quite stressed about it as I just tend to overthink everything. I'm hoping it'll come back as low grade, cause I don't think I'll be able to sleep if they come back worse, sorry sounds really silly but it just terrifies me. I'm glad I listened to my body, I knew something wasn't quite right. Thanks so much for your comment xx