First Colposcopy and waiting for biopsy results!

Hi everyone, pretty new to all this and quite frankly I am petrified about my biopsy results. I’m 23 and have been going back and forward to my gp for symptoms down there which I have been told me 2 dr’s and 2 gyne’s that’s it’s cervical etroption! Thank god she referred me ‘just to check it all out’ her words it exactly as my smear has come back low grade cell changes. I’m confused a little because after my appointment the dr thinks I have cin2 or 3, he took 3 biopsys and I am waiting a letter confirming my results and date of treatment. How can the smear show low grade? But my dr thinks it’s high grade? Does anyone know why this may be?

I’m terrified I have the dreaded ‘c’ word, I can’t stop googling, every time the phone rings my heart beats and I think it’s the hospital. I am getting in such a rut about everything.

After being recently being diagnosed with Epilpesy this year I can’t honestly say this has been the worst year ever!

Does anyone have any words of wisdom to calm me down?