First colposcopy :(

hello! I am 30 and have two kids! & I get Regular pap smears . Last years smear test came back & I was called to let me know everything was fine. I looked at results on   my patient portal & it did say a mild change in cells called ASCUS but was negative for HPV! So it is considered normal variation.

I just went for my Annual smear this year and instead of updating my patient portal with the lab results I received a letter in the mail  explaining my recent test came back with abnormal cells of the cervix and to call the office to schedule a colposcopy etc etc. (in a shorter version) but didn't give any indication as to : mild or severe? Or con I -III.   It seems from everything I'm reading online , most women were given more info regarding their smear results , and I feel I was told just "abnormal cells in cervix" . (I would know nothing if it wasn't for google!) But I'm still freaking out!

my colposcopy is  scheduled for 4 weeks! Im of corse upset and just wish they at least updated my portal or gave me more information! 

Hi there Shannya,

There does seem to be a lack of clear communication from some clinics - very frustrating!

The four week wait till your colposcopy is a long one! While the waiting can be the most distressing part as I know your mind runs riot and starts thinking about every possibility, they usually speed up th process for those showing more sever abnormalities so in you case this could be a good thing.

Haev you tied calling up the clinic or your GP for some more clarification? 

Jen x