Low ferritin levels

Hi There,

Looking for some reasurrance, had total hysterectomy 8 months ago, found out i had stage 1B1 cervical cancer that they hadn't known about at time of op despite being on yearly smears since 2008, had another operation 6 months ago to remove fatty tissue, lymph nodes etc, all hystology results were good, margins and lymph nodes clear so no further treatment required, had 3 pelvic examinations since Jan all of which are remarkable, which is reasuring, what worries me is that i had bloods done about 6 weeks ago as i felt so tired and my iron levels were on the lower side of normal before my op in Nov, i was told i didn't need to continue with my iron, however when i got tested 6 weeks ago, my iron levels were still on the lower side of normal but my ferritin levels were only 8, reallyy worried as had bloods done again last week and they've only went up to 10, i have to see doctor again to discuss this further, i'm a nerves wreck incase i get told any more bad news, not coping very well since diagnosis in Nov, suffering really bad health anxiety Frown i have to say i don't eat meat in my diet, has anyone experienced this since surgery, really scared that there's cancer somewhere else, HELP



Hi Mandy

Didn't want to read and run as you sound very anxious.  I had low iron levels post op and was kept on iron tablets for a while.  It did get better and I haven't been on the tablets for about 6 months now although I did take an iron supplement I got from the chemist.  When my bloods were checked about 4 months ago the ferritin level wasn't back to normal but it had improved slightly.

Yours may well be caused by diet so it may be worth asking your GP if you should take something to help.

Try not to worry too much.  The ferritin level did increase slightly which I wouldn't have thought it would do if it was linked to cancer somewhere else.  The most important thing is to see your GP to get to the bottom of it and please tell him of your fears.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx

Thank-you Cheryl

I'm seeing doctor on Fri, so will see what he says, my anxiety is quite bad at min, thank-you for replying



Hi Mandy. Glad you have a Dr appt. Low iron may just be your diet and can be sorted out easily. Low iron would make you feel more tired than usual. Try not to worry too much


Thanks Karen xx