Hi All

I have my 6 month check up coming up post radical hysterectomy, however, I have blood tests showing that I'm anaemic, even though the Dr has assured me this can be usual after a big op, I'm worried it could imply something more sinister? Just wondered if anyone else has also been anaemic after a hysterectomy, many thanks :-) 

After a big operation /\ /\ /\

Hi Else74

I had my op in Jan & i was told a couple of months ago that i was  anaemic, like you i was worried incase there was cancer anywhere else, my doctor said it could be because of the op or it could be my diet, i've been on iron supplements & my last bloos test showed that my levels hadn't went up hardle any, i'm back tomorrow to get them checked again, hoping they've went up this time :(


Mandy xx

Oh thanks Mandy, I'm not on my own then. Good luck with your blood tests tomorrow xxx

Oh goodness yes!

I was anaemic for a while. In hospital they gave me some amazing drinkable iron medicine called Legofer (available in Greece but not UK) It tasted nice and we jokingly called it Legover. Once out of hospital I had to have jabs in the butt - OMG they were painful! And on days when the local GPs surgery was closed I had to go into the back room at the local pharmacy and drop my pants for the village pharmacist. Not my happiest experience, but laughing about it now (as is the whole village I expect).


Love, Tivoli

Lol, I've heard about the painful injections, so I think Id better stop moaning about taking iron tablets as its sounds a better option than the injections hee! ;-) xx