Iron/blood levels and anaemia

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I'm making a list of questions for tomorrow (oncologist 1st appt) and I wonder if any of you had experience of anaemia (because of heavy bleeding) and what your levels were when you started chemo/radiotherapy.


I had an examination under anaesthetic a couple of weeks ago and my levels were over 100, however the biopsy etc caused a bleed and on discharge from hospital (a day later) I was back down to 98.


So, should I ask about another transfusion (blood) or anything? I'm currently on ferrous sulphate (x 3 a day)  and eating lots of iron rich foods etc


advice welcomed :)



My HB got down to 48 prior to treatment. I had 8 transfusions and a iron infusion prior to treatment, then took iron supplements (just once a day) til 1 month after treatment. During treatment my HB was 80-100. Once my bleeding settled from radiation, my HB held on. They monitored it weekly and would've given me a top up if they thought it was necessary.

Cheers Bexter, that's so weird mine went down to 48 after the last big bleeder! Tongue Out I don't want to experience that again. 



Me either! It didn't feel good... The radiation did the trick though and stopped it bleeding (it slowed significantly... then stopped altogether around 4 week mark) when other stuff didn't and gave me a chance to make my own blood again. Because my radiation was rushed at start, then started chemo about 10 days later. My HB was still low at start. Most of treatment was 90-100. They keep an eye on it as the chemoradiation can drop it too.

Hi Flossie,

Well I can't compete with you two! I was just mildly anaemic when I started chemorads, but they checked it as part of the various things they look at with the weekly pre-chemo blood test. After my second chemo I caught flu and dropped my haemoglobin below their 'acceptable threshold' (they did tell me what that was but I've forgotten now), so I had a transfusion of two units of blood after my course of antivirals finished and before my third chemo. They were rigorous about checking pretty much everything in that weekly blood test without me asking, they were good at telling me too.

Given how low your Hb has been, I'm sure it will be one of those things in the forefront of their thinking as you progress through  treatment.

Go well. :)

Cheers me lovelies,


Dr has assured me that he will keep a close eye on it and even advsed me up my levels with a bottle of stout or a glass of red wine! (said with a wink!) which I thought was fantastically retro!