Low blood count

Hi ladies! I finished chemo / rad 25 days ago. I feel good but my white blood cells are still low (1.4). Has anyone experienced low counts this far out of treatment? Thank you!!

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@Kellybug221, it can take a while for your body to recover from chemo. They will come up eventually so don’t worry. (I’m a nurse who used to give chemo).


I’m also due to have adjuvant chemorad post radical hysterectomy

@Abi2 did they find the cancer to be more involved than they thought? It’s completely doable. I was just super exhausted the last couple weeks. When do you start?

@Kellybug221 my stage is 1b2 and they actually got clear margins. However,I have an aggressive sub type of adenocarcinoma called invasive smile so they want to prevent recurrence.
I should have my planning ct in couple of weeks and start treatment in arpund 4 weeks. I can’t wait for it all to be done with now.
It’s reassuring to know that you coped well with adjuvant treatment post-op. Take care

@Abi2 good luck to you!!

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Very normal. My nurse and Oncologist said anything over 1 is okay to fight off inflection.

Took me 6-8 weeks for my bloods to slowly recover. My low bloods meant my heart had to work harder also which scared me.

Finished treatment 1/11 and had my bloods done two days okay and everything came back ‘normal’


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Thank you!! Makes me feel much better! My oncologist isn’t overly concerned, I just feel better other women have experienced similar side effects