Low white blood cells

Hi I have been getting regular blood tests as my white blood cells are low still I’m wondering if it is anything to worry about I finished treatment end of March

Hi Leanne 

i know there is a rare side effect of radiation that can cause neutropenia. It's listed on one one my papers. Maybe that's why your hips are so sore. I would ask your dr if this is a possibility.

Sorry I don't know more. Hope you feel better soon. 

Hi Leanne 

over the past 6 months I've had a couple of blood tests , first time round my white cell count was quite low , we repeted the test and although still low they had improved slightly , given my history I was panicking but my GP was not concerned in the slightest ,  i too have sore/stiff/painful hips but otherwise I feel well . 

I'm now a year clear post recurrent cervical cancer ,Adenocarcinoma . 

Take care 



Thank-you for your advice