Blood counts are still low after 6 months

Hi there,

I had my 6 month checkup post treatment in November, and submitted my full blood count. My examination was clear, and they said my bloods were nothing to be concerned about. My treatment was 6 weeks of chemo (2 chemo drugs as part of the interlace trial). I then went on to the standard 6 weeks of chemo/rad and 4 Brachy. This finished beginning of April. I had a routine call from my GP last week to say that the consultants still wish to monitor it, as my wbc, platelets and Neutro are still on the low side and my immune system is still comprimised. I am concerned, because I thought things were ok? and believed bloods would soon get back to normal again after treatment. Has any one else had this? I know I should'nt, but have started googling and fearing the worst. My next examination is the end of Jan, where I will have my full blood count checked again.

Sorry to post this and should be grateful that I am being checked over, but feel anxious about everything at the moment.

Please dont worry mine was the same it took around a year for my blood count to be back to normalĀ