Low blood count post treatment


Hi there,

I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer 2b with 1 lymph node involved in January. I was offered a place on the interlace trial, which involved 6 weeks of a combination of chemo once a week (carbo/paclitaxel). I then went onto 5 weeks chem/rad (cisplatin) and 4 brachy. My follow up scan and examinations have been clear. I have continued with supplying a full blood count at each examination. My last examination was in November and my blood count still has not recovered and my immune system is still compromised (wbc, neutro and platelets). Consultants have asked for another blood test to be submitted with my next 3 monthly examination. My question is that does it normally take this long for blood counts to get back to normal, as I am now worrying over multiple things. I am sorry but have been googling and have scared myself beyond belief.

Any thoughts?

I know it took almost a year for my blood counts to get in the normal range--and I was a very healthy 52-year-old when I had treatment.  In fact, my doctor did not even take blood for 6 months after treatment, because she felt it was unneccesary b/c it would most likely be low due to the chemo.  I would also check with your doctor to see if it is okay to get a flu shot.  I assumed my immune sytem was not up-to-speed after treatment, and got the ok to get the flu shot.  If you exercise and eat a healthy diet, that will help your immune system.